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The Sims 4 Island Living: Information About New Weather Types


SimGuruMorgan has given us a little insight over on Twitter into the weather that the island’s of Sulani will experience when you play alongside with the Seasons expansion pack.

Firstly and what will be most noticeable is the new tropical monsoons. These will occur in late summer through to late fall and will be intense but short-lived.

SimGuruMorgan then went into more detail about the upcoming new weather.

Since this article was originally posted, SimGuruGeorge has since shared a couple of small teasers of what the weather of Sulani is like including, a look at the start of a Monsoon.

Thank you, Designer Geoff, SimGuruMorgan and SimGuruGeorge for sharing this information with us. We can’t wait to experience the new weather when we travel to Sulani!

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