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The Sims 4 Island Living: Meet the Residents of Sulani

The Kealoha Household

Household Description

The Kealohas are the epitome of Sulani: an industrious, welcoming, and tight-knit young family firmly rooted in island tradition to honor the past while supporting the bright future of their extended-family community.

Makoa Kealoha

Age: Young Adult
Career: Conservationist (3)
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Walk Style: Tough
Voice: Clear
Traits: Active | Ambitious | Child of the Ocean | Domestic (Bonus) | Gregarious (Bonus)
Skills: Fishing 6 | Fitness 4 | Logic 3
Relationships: Lilliana Kealoha – Wife | Nani Kealoha – Daughter | Duane Talla – Acquaintance

Lilliana Kealoha

Age: Young Adult
Career: Conservationist (3)
Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Walk Style: Bouncy
Voice: Sweet
Traits: Good | Family-Oriented | Cheerful | Domestic (Bonus)
Skills: Charisma 3 | Cooking 3 | Mixology 5
Relationships: Makoa Kealoha – Husband | Nani Kealoha – Daughter | Duane Talla – Acquaintance

Nani Kealoha

Age: Toddler
Voice: Sweet
Traits: Charmer
Skills: Communication 3 | Movement 2 | Thinking 2
Relationships: Lilliana Kealoha – Mother | Makoa Kealoha – Father | Duane Talla – Acquaintance

Duane Talla

Age: Teen
Career: High School C Student | Lifeguard (2)
Aspiration: Angling Ace
Walk Style: Swagger
Voice: Warm
Traits: Goofball | Bro | Collector (Bonus)
Skills: Fishing 3 | Fitness 4 | Mischief 2
Relationships: Lilliana Kealoha – Acquaintance | Makoa Kealoha – Acquaintance | Nani Kealoaha – Acquaintance

Household Notes

  • The Kealoha household lives at Kin-Ship in the Ohan’ali Town district of Sulani.
  • The Kealohas’ home shows strong indications that the family is active and passionate about the ocean. The family owns two boats and there is a scuba diving equipment rack on their back deck as well as an outdoor shower.
  • Makoa has two bonus traits from aspirations, which is unusual. It may be a small oversight, or it may just be a nod to Makoa’s friendly nature.
  • Duane is not related to the rest of the household. He has a different surname and is not connected to any of the other household members on his family tree. It is unclear exactly how he came to live with the Kealohas, but it may be implied that they took him in after he was abandoned or orphaned.
  • Duane appears to have been inspired by Maui from Disney’s Moana. His physical appearance, personality, and implied back story bear striking similarities to the Disney character. His first name is also similar to Dwayne Johnson, the actor who voiced Maui in the film.
  • Makoa is featured in the official reveal trailer. Lilliana, Nani, and Duane can all be spotted briefly in the background of the trailer as well.

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  • I love that they’re adding LGBTQ+ couples and sims in the game! The sims has always made progress with that subject and I think its wonderful!!

  • AH! I was already planning a sort of love story between Scuba boy (that I now know is called Makoa) and our beautiful mermaid Nalani! XD Now I find out he HAS A WIFE AND A KID!! I dunno if I should laugh or cry!… lmao

  • Leila Illes. In catalan (I’m from Catalonia) “illes” means “islands”. I don’t think that surname it’s a coincidence, but I will like to know who picked that name and where it came from. Also my dog’s name is Leyla lol

    • “Don’t see your favourite Sim from the trailer here? Look for them around Sulani! There are only 4 premade households living in lots on Sulani, but the mermaid Sim from the trailer along with other Sims (some of them mermaids as well!) can be seen wandering around as townies. Befriend them and move them in if you like!”

      She’s in the game! Just not living on a lot. I couldn’t find her in the homeless townie section of Manage Households, but I did see her wandering around Sulani. My Sim was able to talk to her like any other Sim. :)

  • I don’t understand who Lia is. She’s called a trasngender sim, but she has cis female settings. So is she a cis or a trans lady? She looks like a trans woman, but they can’t get pregnant. Can we get more information about it?

    • Lia has trans gender settings. She has a masculine body build with a female gender setting. You are right that in the real world, transgender women cannot get pregnant, but I imagine The Sims Team wanted to allow players to play out whatever stories they want with Lia. :) You can change her pregnancy setting in CAS for more realistic play if you like.

  • my plan was to create a mermaid and a grandma and grandson who took her in, and then she falls in love with the grandson. But seeing the premade sims, I think it’s going to be Keala who takes her in and Lia will be like a sister to her. Also she will probably fall in love with Duane since he actually looks similar to the grandson I was going to make

  • “Lia is the first premade transgender Sim in The Sims series.”

    Are they? I thought that was the character in the Karaoke Legends household in City Living (their name was darling, I think)?

    • Darling Walsh is a teen, assigned as female at birth, however she is non-binary and has a preference to masculine clothes.

  • I don’t think you can say that Lia is the first premade transgender sim. Number one, you could argue that Darling from CityLiving is maybe transgender. Number two, If the game doesn’t specifically state her as transgender it’s really just an assumption. The male body type doesn’t have to mean male. There is a woman who has body types that are just more ‘masculine’ than others.

    The fact that gender neutrality is becoming a common theme in the game is awesome, so I think we should keep referring to it as neutral/undefined, rather than making determinations. This because I feel like at the end of the day ones gender shouldn’t matter no matter what one wears, how one pees or how they make or not make babies. Meaning, sims are sims, and can be whatever. They don’t need to be labelled. That is up to the player.