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The Sims 4 Island Living: Meet the Residents of Sulani


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Welcome to Sulani

Ahhhh, Sulani! Where the waters are warm and clear, the kava is flowing, and the locals are ready to give you a warm welcome to their island. Speaking of the locals, you’ll want to get to know them, because the inhabitants of Sulani aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill premade Sims. On Sulani, the people value community and building close-knit relationships. That means the people of Sulani will often make your business their business. From giving you a warm island welcome when you arrive, to helping you out with tasks around the island, to running into your home to help put out a fire, it pays to get to know your neighbours here.

The Ngata Household

Household Description

Coming to Sulani for inspiration Leila didn’t expect to fall in love so deeply with the islands. And it wasn’t just the scenery that she fell for, but also for Oliana and her son Tane that welcomed her so easily into their family. The three are now an inseparable trio that call Sulani their home enjoying the sand and ocean at their own pace.

Oliana Ngata

Age: Young Adult
Career: Bodybuilder (5)
Aspiration: Bodybuilder
Walk Style: Tough
Voice: Sweet
Traits: Jealous | Active | Slob | High Metabolism (Bonus)
Skills: Fitness 6 | Handiness 2
Relationships: Leila Illes – Wife | Tane Ngata – Son

Leila Illes

Age: Young Adult
Career: Painter (4)
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Walk Style: Feminine
Voice: Lilted
Traits: Clumsy | Creative | Loves the Outdoors | Muser (Bonus)
Skills: Painting 4 | Photography 2
Relationships: Oliana Ngata – Wife | Tane Ngata – Stepson

Tanes Ngata

Age: Child
Career: Grade School A Student
Aspiration: Whiz Kid
Walk Style: Default
Voice: Warm
Traits: Geek
Skills: Creativity 2 | Mental 4 | Motor 3
Relationships: Oliana Ngata – Mother | Leila Illes – Stepmother

Household Notes

  • The Ngata household lives at Reef Finery in the Lani St. Taz district of Sulani.
  • The Ngata household is the first premade household in The Sims 4 to feature an openly lesbian couple.
  • Even though Oliana and Leila are married, they have different surnames. It appears Leila did not change her surname when she married Oliana.
  • Leila is featured in the official reveal trailer. Oliana and Tane can both be spotted briefly in the background of the trailer as well.
  • Curiously, there is nothing in the Ngatas’ home that match the interests of the Sims living there. There is no workout equipment for Oliana, no easel or artwork for Leila, and no mentally stimulating activities for Tane.

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