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The Sims 4’s Latest Update Unlocks a few Ocean and Lake areas!

With The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack coming in just a few days The Sims Team has released a brand new update for the base game to help prepare for the new pack.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned in the patch notes is the fact that you can now go into some of the world waters in The Sims 4! That’s right – specific worlds now let you go right into the water!

There are certain worlds that allow you to get knee-deep into the water, such as the Magnolia Blossom Neighborhood shown above.

The neighborhood Magnolia Promenade from The Sims 4 Get to Work allows you to go all the way in into this specific area:

…while some areas only let you soak your feet in:

Considering that the latest update had to update all of the World files to help prepare for The Sims 4 Island Living could we expect ocean / lake swimming in other worlds as well sometime in the future? Time will tell!

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    • At some point it will,
      Everything always seems to get ported to console eventually.
      Island living is coming out for console on July 16th,
      so I would have to imagine the update will be available between then and now.

      I hope this helps.

    • It probably will in I while. This website isnt from the sims team itself but they gather news so they also don’t really know I guess.

  • Are we just not gonna talk about the Wreath of Living Brambles from Laundry Day having spell buffs on it and suggesting a new occult of Druids? Okay cool.

    • In autumn there is going to be magic pack. Maybe there will be few types of magics, lets say working in simmiliar way to vampires? It could be nature, something like curses and neutral? Maybe we will get magic summoned animals like in sims 2? I cant wait to see.

  • I was super excited when I saw this news.
    So I went into my game and then found out it’s just a bug. Meh.
    Sims don’t exchange their outfits to swimsuits and don’t feel anything via this interaction.

    • It’s definitely not a bug. I got a “wade here” option when clicking on the river area in the cats & dogs world. Also, there are particle effects.

      • Don’t quote me on this, but maybe they’ll be open once you buy Island living? Who knows.

        Seems like they were working on it though. :) If they didn’t, being a mermaid would get boring if you could only show off your tail in one world.

      • They don’t get wet by wading in the water.
        They don’t cool down.
        That’s definitely something midway through development that they are not ready to show us.

        • But my point still stands. It is definitely not a bug. They would not just accidentally edit every single world and allow pathing to water. If they wanted it to be island only, they would have left the worlds alone and not added the water particles when walking in water

    • I saw other characters (sims that I don’t control) went into the water… I thought it was a bug, not knowing it was an update ;p

  • Console is still waiting for the last up that pc got and now this one i wish they would just put them on at same time been waiting like over to 2 months for that white shelff