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The Sims 4 Island Living: Lot Traits

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The Sims 4 Island Living has added several new lot traits for players to truly customise the way their Sims live on the beautiful island of Sulani. As an added bonus, The Sims Team has even made a couple of these new traits available to all players for free in the base game!

Oceanic ParadiseThis lot has an abundance of ocean life. Swimming in the ocean is an inspiring endeavor and dolphins and rare fish are easily found here.

Note: This lot trait cannot be removed from or added to lots. It is a fixed trait on certain lots in Sulani, much like the Historical lot trait on certain apartments in the City Living expansion.

Clothing OptionalThis lot embraces an open, natural lifestyle empowering visitors to shed strict material conventions and prudish societal moors… also their clothes.

Note: This lot trait cannot be applied to residential lots or Vet Clinics (if the player owns the Cats & Dogs expansion). This lot trait is a free addition to the base game!

Island SpiritsAncient Island spirits inhabit this lot, visiting frequently. How will Sims choose to interact with them?

Off-the-GridThis lot isn’t connected to electricity or plumbing (meaning no utility bills either). Talk about natural living!

Note: This lot trait is a free addition to the base game!

Volcanic ActivityThis lot is near an active volcano! Beware of earthquakes, steam vents, and occasional lava bombs.

Which lot trait are you most excited to play with? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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  • Off the grid? Does this mean my sims can’t cook or have a Bath? Sorry, that’s probably a stupid question, just curious

      • I used it already and it means you can indeed use campfires and barbeques and stuff, but there are certain sanitary items that can be used without water. Also seems like fridges just do their job.
        For example: the toilet has a new interaction that saves water while flushing.

  • While the Clothing Optional trait sounds humorous, I think it will have the least gameplay value. Off the grid will be great for certain challenges. But my 2 favorites are Oceanic Paradise and Volcanic Activity! ;)

  • For off the grid, a filter option of all the objects that are eligible would be great! A few useable items are missing the note in the description, and a few candles/oil lamps were missed too. Love love this lot trait, so I cant wait for this to be expanded on by you guys and modders :D