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Buried Treasure

Buried treasure can be found while scuba diving after purchasing the Treasure Tool diving gear for §1,200. Mermaids and Sims with Fitness skill level 3 or higher can find buried treasure while free diving if they have the Treasure Tool as well. Sims may also come across buried treasure while exploring the cave on Mua Pel’am. Dolphins can sometimes fetch buried treasure for Sims with a high enough relationship. Throwing a gold level Kava Party will reward your Sim with a piece of buried treasure as well. There are 18 pieces of buried treasure to collect in all; three types in six colour variants each. Make sure to read the descriptions for each piece of treasure you find! They tell a story about Sulani’s spiritual history and culture! Buried treasure gives off a Confident emotional aura.

Buried TreasureRarityValue
The Eyes of Sulani (Tarnished Copper)Common§50
The Eyes of Sulani (Tarnished Silver)Common§60
The Eyes of Sulani (Tarnished Gold)Common§90
The Fingers of Sulani (Faded Yellow)Common§100
The Fingers of Sulani (Faded Black)Common§130
The Fingers of Sulani (Faded Red)Common§140
The Heart of Sulani (Faded Yellow)Common§185
The Heart of Sulani (Faded Red)Common§205
The Heart of Sulani (Faded Green)Common§265
The Eyes of Sulani (Copper)Uncommon§295
The Fingers of Sulani (Yellow)Uncommon§385
The Heart of Sulani (Yellow)Uncommon§425
The Eyes of Sulani (Silver)Uncommon§550
The Fingers of Sulani (Black)Uncommon§610
The Heart of Sulani (Red)Uncommon§810
The Eyes of Sulani (Gold)Rare§890
The Fingers of Sulani (Red)Rare§1,000
The Heart of Sulani (Green)Rare§1,200

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