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The Sims 4 Island Living: Collections

Presented by EA Game Changers

The Sims 4 Island Living adds two new collections to the game; seashells and buried treasure. In addition to the two new collections, new fish and harvestables have been added. There is also a series of underwater photos that are not an official collection, but your Sim can still collect and display them.


Seashells can be found while combing the beach and diving. Sims can also sometimes find seashells in the cave on Mua Pel’am. Dolphins might fetch a seashell for a Sim, too. There are 13 seashells to collect in all; 6 pairs of the same seashell in two colour variants, plus one conch shell. The conch shell can be used to call mermaids, but the other twelve shells are purely decorative. Seashells give off an Inspired emotional aura.

Scallop Shell (Brown)Common§10
Scallop Shell (Purple)Common§15
Small Conch Shell (Red)Common§20
Small Conch Shell (Blue)Common§30
Tulip Shell (Brown)Common§40
Tulip Shell (Purple)Common§50
Sea Urchin Shell (Red)Uncommon§60
Sea Urchin Shell (Blue)Uncommon§70
Moon Snail Shell (Brown)Uncommon§80
Moon Snail Shell (Blue)Uncommon§90
Abalone Shell (Blue)Rare§120
Abalone Shell (Purple)Rare§130
"Ordinary" Conch ShellRare§200

Written by SnarkyWitch

I'm a 28-year-old author and Sims-addict based in Canada. I've been a diehard Simmer since it all started back in 2000 and I'll be focusing on providing you with some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your Simming experience here on SC. When I'm not Simming, I'm writing my next novel. To date, I've published The Heaven Corporation and Wanderer.


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    • I usually don’t out of my way to complete collections but this looks like it could be fun. Plus I could use some for my museum anyways.

  1. You can also get some of the buried treasure items from beachcombing for trash – I got the Heart of Sulani that way.

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