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The Sims 4 Island Living: Guide to Sulani’s Ecosystem

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The world of Sulani is truly a special place. Not only is it a vibrant series of islands teeming with natural wonders and rich culture, but the islands themselves are alive. The way your Sims treat Sulani has an impact on the environment. Sulani is a closed ecosystem, which makes it a very fragile place. The smallest foreign contaminant or one invasive wildlife species could devastate Sulani’s delicate balance. It’s up to your Sims to help Sulani thrive.

Helping Out

If your Sims are intensely passionate about dedicating their lives to protecting Sulani from environmental threats, they should enter the new Conservationist career. They’ll be able to survey and treat the islands in ways civilians can’t, but your Sims don’t need to be Conservationists to make a positive impact.

Everyone on Sulani can do their part by picking up any trash they find on the beaches and in the water. Sims can also remove invasive fish species from the waters through fishing or release any protected species they catch back into the wild. Clearing up volcanic debris, snorkeling, and scolding anyone you find causing trouble all have a positive impact, too. You’ll know your actions have had a positive effect on Mua Pel’am by the green leaf symbol that appears in front of their chest.

The Sims 4 Island Living: Guide to Sulani’s Ecosystem

You’ll want to focus most of your efforts on the island of Mua Pel’am, as that’s where the volcano is situated. It’s also the most secluded area of Sulani, making it the most beautiful… and the most targeted by Sims with bad intentions.

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More Work to Do

The Sims 4 Island Living: Guide to Sulani’s Ecosystem

After cleaning up the beaches and oceans around Mua Pel’am for a few days, you should get a full screen notification that Mua Pel’am is improving. Some more flowers have started blooming and coral reefs have started growing again. There are also more fish in the oceans now.

But beware! Your work isn’t finished! Seagulls have started feeding on all the new wildlife that’s begun to flourish on the island and Mua Pel’am’s beauty is attracting more troublesome Sims who seek to take advantage of the island’s natural resources. You’ll have to fight off these new threats. Mua Pel’am still needs your help to continue to grow and thrive!

The Sims 4 Island Living: Guide to Sulani’s Ecosystem

You won’t find as much debris on the island now, but what you will find is a whole lot of annoying seagulls and troublemaking Sims. Fish Poachers will come to steal protected fish from the ocean. Litterbugs will stroll through the island dropping their trash everywhere. Anti-Environmentalists will roam Mua Pel’am spreading misinformation and lies about the threats facing the environment. Your Sims have their work cut out for them.

Your primary focus now is keeping troublemakers and seagulls away from the islands. Whenever you see a group of seagulls along the beaches, click on them to chase or scare them away. Sims who have ill intentions will have a red exclamation point flashing above their heads. Scrolling over them will tell you whether they are a Fish Poacher, a Litterbug, or an Anti-Environmentalist. They all need to be taught a lesson. Your Sims can nicely ask them to leave or angrily confront them about their wrongdoing. Sims with a high Charisma skill are more likely to be successful at convincing the troublemakers to leave.

Don’t forget! You can still fish, snorkel, and tidy up around the volcano, too!

A Thriving Paradise

The Sims 4 Island Living: Guide to Sulani’s Ecosystem

It may take some time, but keep up your preservation efforts and Mua Pel’am will become a thriving tropical paradise. When it does, the island will be completely transformed! Lush, vibrant flowers will be blooming everywhere. Previously barren rocks will have colourful vegetation growing on them. Coral reefs will be plentiful and teeming with fish, and tropical birds and butterflies will grace the island.

New events will start to pop up on Mua Pel’am, too! Sea turtles will come to lay their eggs on the beach. Your Sims will be able to attend sea turtle hatching events and cheer on these adorable baby turtles as they make their brave journey home!

A special type of albino dolphin can be found after restoring Mua Pel’am to its full beauty. When you see dolphins swimming around a buoy, click the circling school of fish beneath the buoy and select Call an Albino Dolphin. These special dolphins have a unique pearl pink colouring.

The Sims 4 Island Living: Guide to Sulani’s Ecosystem

With the island restored, it might be easy to let your guard down and stop worrying so much about preservation efforts, but just like the real world, nature doesn’t stay beautiful unless we keep taking care of it. Continue to clean up and chase off both human and natural threats to the environment to make sure Mua Pel’am doesn’t begin to die again.

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