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The Sims 4’s 8th Expansion Pack to release by the end of 2019


The Sims 4 Island Living isn’t the only Expansion Pack that will see the light of day in 2019!

You all know how anything revolving voice actors and voice editing is usually a sign of things to come for The Sims 4? It’s been proven many times and helped us speculate and predict Island Living, Vampires Game Pack, Seasons Expansion Pack, Get Famous Expansion Pack and StrangerVille Game Pack. Now, the predictions come first from a job opening on that is looking for a Voice Editor!

The Voice Editor job opening is looking for someone who would help mix and deliver the final quality audio and sounds for The Sims 4’s next Expansion Pack. Yup – you’ve read that correctly. Not a Game Pack, not a Stuff Pack, but an Expansion Pack.

The job opening has a term between July 8th and October 11th. If you think that the listing is referring to The Sims 4 Realm Of Magic Game Pack which is scheduled to release by the end of September this year, that wouldn’t be possible as there would still be some work to do on voice and audio editing by October.

Check out what the job listing has to say:

Location: Redwood Shores, CA

Term: July 8th – October 11th

The Maxis Studio of Electronic Arts is seeking a Voice Editor to join the Audio team and help ship  an upcoming expansion pack for The Sims 4.

The ideal candidate should have experience delivering final quality audio either from a brief or starting with placeholder sounds in software. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work within technical limitations to deliver quality audio are essential. It’s also important that the candidate understands the role of audio in video games; and can create final content to best effect the player experience.


  • Must have voice editing experience and have expertise in relevant software packages, such as Logic Audio, Sound Forge, and ProTools.
  • Experience with all aspects of voice direction for game production, with proficiencies in voice direction of top professional actors and game implementation pipelines.Proficiency with standard audio tools (DAW, Editing, plugins, etc) and studio tools (microphone, compressors, etc).
  • Proficiency with PC and Mac platforms, and comfort with custom tools.
  • Experience with Game Production and Design
  • A committed ear for the user experience of Voice Performance in detail
  • An open mind, willing to challenge conventional wisdom and find creative solutions to our unique problems
  • An eye towards innovating audio tech and tools for voice
  • You can shift quickly and flexibly from multiple projects and roles
  • You are someone who can thrive and grow in a dynamic environment and bring enthusiasm to those around you

The Sims 4’s 8th Expansion Pack to release by the end of 2019


Considering that voice recording and editing is one of the last steps in developing a new Sims 4 pack, it’s almost certain that The Sims 4 will be getting its 8th Expansion Pack this year!

The trend of 2 Expansion Packs per year was present in 2015, stopped in 2016 and 2017 and now seems to finally be back with the year 2018 and now 2019!

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