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The Sims 4 July 2019 Update: New CAS Content

The Sims 4 dropped a rather unconventional update today, unveiling a complete rebrand of the series, along with some neat new features, like a new personality story quiz in CAS and over 1,000 unlocked world decor objects.

CAS has also received some new additions. There is a new hairstyle for feminine Sims and a handful of items from various packs have been unlocked for the base game along with some new colour swatches for these items. CAS items listed in here that were included in packs released previously are only going to come in the new presets added. Pack mentioned below each item is required to have all of the presets available.


The new feminine hairstyle features long waves with a partial bun on the top of the head.

This hairstyle has been made available from Dine Out Game Pack to Base Game.


This feminine top from Get Famous has been unlocked for the base game with four new colour swatches.

This masculine top from Fitness Stuff has been unlocked for the base game with three new colour swatches.

This masculine top from Backyard Stuff has been unlocked for the base game and has some new colour swatches as well.


This unisex beanie from Get To Work has been unlocked for the base game and has three new colour swatches.

This baggy sleeve shirt from Get Famous is now available with the Base Game with some new presets.

The high tops from Get to Work are now available in the Base Game in a new preset.

These baggy pants from Dine Out are now available in the Base Game with a new preset.

These boots from City Living are now in the Base Game with some new colors.


A new unisex ring and bracelet are featured in the rebranded box art and are in CAS now as well.

Want to check out everything included in the latest update? See the full patch notes here!

Don’t see anything new? Update your game! Right-click The Sims 4 in your Origin game library and select Check for Updates.

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    • Yeah, I agree. People are saying that they shouldn’t have made stuff available to base game. I have a few packs, but it’s good they’re making to stuff available for base game.

  • what about the triangle type top that tucks in, I thought it was Get Famous, but it’s now Base Game, may have been Base all along though

  • Is it just me or it’s incredibly lazy of them to release such a “major” revamp and update and just recycling objects that have been there forever and clothes that people PAID to have??

    • I agree. I just paid for Get Famous yesterday just to see they use some items in the base game. -__-
      Plus, they chose the, dare I say it, ugliest or less frequently used content and make them free.

      I know there will be people who are gonna say I should be grateful, but honestly I don’t see myself using any of those content soon.

    • I agree with you I just read this and I’m pissed. Things I’ve thrown away money at for years are now available to people who paid $10 bucks for the base game? Really? I’m livid and I can’t believe I recently spent $60 on more game packs just to find this? I will NEVER buy more Sims packs. I’m furious.

  • CAS story is only available for new games? I can’t do it when I want to create a sim already inside an old save file.

      • I just don’t like this paid items becoming free more so than the awful rebranding. People in the community already do the same thing EA is doing when it comes to paid items. They’re adjust the mesh a little like make a pants a little longer or maybe a skirt higher, add some bangs to a hair or remove hair clips or remove a logo (belt etc) and then make it base game compatible even though the item looks almost identical to the paid item but no one says a word. I haven’t found a reasonable explanation as to why it makes sense to do that with a paid item. It’s even more annoying when there is no change at all and that’s usually objects. Instead of giving them a bit of side-eye since some people do this very often it’s celebrated and often popular in downloads. Then again some people will freely talk about their game being pirated but have issues with a modders or cc creators getting financial support when it’s the pirated game that effects EA more. Heck EA is rather nonchalant about for profit mods or cc and even tossed the idea of being more supportive and inclusive when it comes to money. It’s frustrating when I see it from members of the community just as it’s frustrating coming from the gurus. And I think people who do the things I’ve mentioned above don’t have much room to talk about what EA has done since they’re just about riding in the same boat.

        • I’m pretty sure that’s against the EA code of conduct and cc creators shouldn’t technically be doing that. Not like that will stop people, but i’m pretty sure you can get in trouble with EA for releasing stuff that way.

    • The button that you would hit to create an alien or vampire has a new button at the bottom that looks like an open book. I thought I was losing it when it wasn’t popping up.

  • I’m still wondering why they’re not letting console players connect to the Internet
    to post creations and buildings in order to trade with other players. They did it with previous console versions.

  • Hey Sims, on Xbox One I have all new cas items but not build items it doesn’t work! What should I do? What do I have to type?

  • It’s good that more players can enjoy CAS, but releasing pre-existing items from DLC packs is not fair for the players that payed for those “objects”.

  • I noticed you’ve described the ring as new when it actually isn’t. The unisex feature may be, but I definitely remember using it for a Sim on my previous laptop; which was last year

  • Funny how everyone is bitching over paying for clothes when the expansion packs were bought for content. If they were releasing things for a stuff pack, then yeah, you have every right to be mad. If you spent money on an expansion pack just for the CAS items,, you’re an idiot anyway.

    • Yeah, definitely. I was on a YouTube video about the new update, and one of the comments said that they got get to work for JUST the beanie. They did add one thing from a stuff pack though.

    • They added a top and a couple of pairs of leggings from Fitness.
      Only reason I’m pissed about that is because I bought it the day of the patch
      But they should have put out a notice saying they were planning it so it wasn’t a surprise and I could have saved £10

  • The bracelet is not new; it’s from seasons, which is barely 1 year old.
    I have a feeling the only thing that was actually new was that awful and unusable hairstyle which I have tried out in CAS and makes all of my sims look a bit silly to be honest.
    Not impressed with this revamp or the patched items, especially since I recently started buying stuff packs to complete the game and they’re pulling things out of them to give away for free!!!
    I don’t really care about the few items they gave away but the sentiment that there were no benefits to those that paid and new players are at an advantage (despite not being supportive in the long run like use 2014 purchasers) is enough to rile me up. So in that case, if EA ever reads this, I want my money back.

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