Realm Of Magic

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic becomes the most anticipated Pack in Franchise’s history

It’s no secret that everyone (including myself) have been screaming “Witches!” at the top of their lungs ever since the release of The Sims 4.

Although it was known since June that The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack would be coming, none of us knew the exact details of the pack until The Sims Team decided to fully reveal the pack yesterday.

The last few packs including StrangerVille and Island Living have both been revealed using the YouTube Premiere feature and Realm of Magic was no exception.

The Realm of Magic Trailer which premiered yesterday at 8AM PT / 5PM CET managed to get over a million views in less than 18 hours – making it the most anticipated pack in The Sims Franchise’s history!

The pack’s trailer even managed to reach the 4th spot on YouTube’s Trending list. We took the screenshot to capture over a million views but at the time the trailer was on the 5th spot.

Interestingly enough even The Sims 4 Base Game’s reveal back in August 2013 wasn’t able to reach this record.

Previously the record was set by The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack reveal which gathered a million views in 2 days. The last Game Pack to hold the record was StrangerVille with 1 million views in 3 days.

If the anticipation for Witches in The Sims 4 is this high who knows what record might be broken once The Sims Team finally decides to reveal and release University?

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  • “most anticipated Pack in Franchise’s history”
    Sorry, but no one asked for this. Ever since the release of TS4 we’ve been wanting Schools and Universities… they gave us this crap instead *sigh*

    • Chole please speak for yourself. I always see your type of comment when popular packs are released. Just because it doesn’t fit your game style it doesn’t mean it was unwanted or “crap”. You’d probably feel a little annoyed if someone referred to you wanting university as a crap idea or not something everyone wants. Again people play differently and it would be impossible for the team to cater to everyone at the same time. Supernaturals are popular, especially witches and vampires, and continue to be in each installment of this franchise.

    • lol “no one asked for this”
      this, right behind university i’d wager, has been THE most asked for pack. just because you may not want it doesnt mean nobody does. and just because university hasnt been revealed or released doesnt mean they care less about it. there are different teams working on different things literally at every moment, & the gurus have stated numerous times that they still have years of content planned, and since university has been the biggest request i’ve seen 1.) they’re DEFINITELY gonna drop a uni pack for ts4 (i mean good lord the money they’d miss out on if they didnt), 2.) they’re probably taking as much time as they can on it to ensure fans are happy with it, and probably arent anywhere near close enough to it being finished for any official word besides a vague “eventuallly”, and 3.) they have a pre-planned release schedule for literally everything. they’re not just gonna reveal & release something sooner just cause people like you throw a hissy fit when something you dont like drops. like get over yourself, chloe.

    • @Chloe, I don’t understand how a great many people have suddenly become “no one”!?! Reading between the lines , you mean to say that *you* didn’t want a magic pack, so you don’t care what anyone else wants! I didn’t want laundry in the game, but I realize that a great many people *did* want it. I’m happy for them!
      I want this pack *and* I want University! (And there are some people who want neither!) How would you feel when they announce the University pack and someone posts “Nobody asked for a University pack — we’ve been wanting a Future pack or a Hobbies pack”? I bet you wouldn’t like it too much!

      If you don’t want the pack you don’t have to buy it anyway… just save up your money for the University pack that I’m sure will come anyway! ;-)

    • Can people stop pretending witches was not a popular request?
      Also, this is a GAME PACK! I’m pretty sure University will be an expansion.

  • yessss but what about werewolves, fairies and more playable ghosts for cas. =( hardly any fantasy creatures. towns look small too. just want a willowcreek for dark fantasy. i know i can edit it. but i want it like the vampire town but bigger.

    • they could give us dedicated game packs on each occult for like 20 dollars each cos EA likes to milk this dying fanbase and fund other titles such as anthem and apex legends if u know what am mean.

      EA doesnt care about the sims cos a majority of them players are women or specifically teenage instagram girls and they don’t give a damn about being ripped off.