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Upcoming Maxis Monthly to show off new The Sims 4 Content Update

SimGuruFrost has just announced The Sims Team’s upcoming Maxis Monthly Livestream! The livestream, which begins on September 3rd, 2019 will showcase new Build / Buy + CAS content that we’ll be getting for free with a new The Sims 4 Base Game update to celebrate the game’s 5th anniversary. There’s also going to be a special video update from Firemonkeys – the developers behind The Sims Mobile and The Sims FreePlay.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted on Maxis Monthly and the new content that will be unveiled!

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    • oh nooo I was precisely thinking about new stairs… disappointed. well… maybe another chinese year stuff ahahahah ugh.

      • @Lewismcbeth, Chinese New Year is in February, so it can’t be that. Besides, they already put that out this year. It would most likely either be birthday themed stuff , or Sims themed stuff.

    • Well that’s a bummer. We don’t have any great stairs. I just want u shape and L. I wish they listened more to the people who are buying a promoting them.

  • There are some items in build/buy from the mobile game that I would like for the pc/console. I think it’s only fair since they use a lot of pc game BB and CAS items in mobile games. I hope what they offer for the anniversary is good quality and not slapped together with texture issues or just clothing recolors. I wished they’d add more colors to furnitures so that we can mix and match better.

  • personally, i won’t be watching. it probably won’t be worth it and i expect they’ll just be announcing some shitty recolours or something that will just create more bugs in this already bug-invested game. or maybe they’ll make more build or buy mode items from other packs base game compatible and annoy everyone who paid for that content again.

    • It would make my day if EA and CC creators would stop making paid content free. It’s annoying as heck and yeah I’ll be irritated if they do that again. It’s a bit amusing when I see some people complain about EA doing the making paid free when they’re the same people downloading that same content from others. <_< I hope for no recolors this time around. Again some of the items from mobile would make nice additions.

  • Sure, it’s nice with updates and free stuff.
    However I was kinda hoping for something more special for the anniversary than just build/buy-items. I’m not sure what that would be, but something that makes you go “wow” or “I’ve been wanting this for a long time”.

  • Build/Buy items is a vague term. It could mean anything from clutter objects, to something interactive (Like when they added the CowPlant in one of the Sims’ franchise anniversary updates). Technically, a spiral staircase is a Build item. I know it was stated that it wouldn’t be a staircase, but I’m just using that example to show that Build/Buy items are not necessarily a bad thing!

    Therefore, I am neither excited nor disappointed. It could almost be anything.

    But I would get angry if they pass off previous paid content as “free”.

    • I really truly hope so. Bring cribs, strollers, walkers, pacifiers, more kids and baby decor. For people like me on console and dont have cc or mods. some more kids stuff too

  • Hey there i work for maxis and ea and the sims 4 will bring updated babies next week the overhaul all of ya’ll been beging for . Happy 5 simmers