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The Sims 4 Criminal Empire Challenge


Okay, so, I’m new to this site, and I just was really excited to come up with a challenge, and I’ve already started typing this once, and I accidentally closed the tab without saving (I meant to delete a different tab), and I’m now starting over. So the idea about this challenge, is, that you want to have a criminal mastermind, with a spouse, and a bunch of people that work for them, and to have a criminal family, and become the ultimate criminal! But I hope you enjoy!

(The Sims’s Jobs/Roles May Resemble That Of The Four Immortal Sisters Challenge)

Main Goal

-To reach level 10 in the Boss Career Branch, of The Criminal Job


-To Get Married And Have Full Relationship With Them

-Have Three (Or More) Children That Join The Criminal Job

-Have (Atleast) Two Affairs That End Up With Children


-Start With 1000 Simoleons

-Start With Wife/Husband At Zero Relationship, and Not Married

-No Cheats (Unless Putting Challenge Starting Requirements)

-Maid Can Have Children (With Or Without The Criminal), But Must Raise That/Those Child/Children

-The Maid And Spouse Can’t Get A Job

-All Sims In The Household Must Be Atleast Level 4 In The Mischief Skill By The Time They’re Adults

-Grandchildren Are Allowed

Sims + Traits


Their Job Is Too Make Money And Rule Their Criminal Empire, Their Traits And Ambition Must Be:

-(Aspiration) Public Enemy



-(You Can Choose The Last Trait For Yourself, But I Would Personally Choose Romantic)


Their Job Is To Stay At Home, And Have, And Raise Children, Their Traits And Ambition Must Be:

-(Aspiration) Big Happy Family





Their Job Is To Cook, Clean, and Repair Objects In The House, And Grow The Cowplant, Their Traits And Ambitions Must Be:

-(Aspiration) Master Chef




Lot Requirements

At The Start

-A Kitchen With One Counter, One Fridge, One Sink, and One Stove

-Four Beds One For Each Sim

-One Bathroom With A Sink, One Toilet, and One Shower

-A ‘Criminal Room’ With A Desk, Chair and Computer

Later On

-One Bedroom Per Child

-A Laundry Room (If You Have The Pack)

-Have A House Worth Atleast 150,000 Simoleons

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