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The Sims 4 Realm of Magic: New Information Found in Patch Code

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The new update that was released today contains a lot of code pointing to new features in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic.

New Tags

The tags XML file was updated with new tags, and some of them hint at new features that weren’t previously announced, including a magic tome, “night stalker” NPC, and different types of Spellcaster-themed outfits.

<T ev=”49153″>Func_Book_MagicTome</T>
<T ev=”49154″>Recipe_Cauldron_Potion</T>
<T ev=”49155″>Func_Cauldron</T>
<T ev=”49156″>Func_Cauldron_Potion</T>
<T ev=”49157″>Buff_Spells_CastingSpell</T>
<T ev=”49158″>Spawn_NightStalker</T>
<T ev=”49159″>Func_MagicPortal_DuelingtoHQ</T>
<T ev=”49160″>Func_MagicPortal_HQtoDueling</T>
<T ev=”49161″>Func_MagicPortal_HQtoMarket</T>
<T ev=”49162″>Func_MagicPortal_HQtoVista</T>
<T ev=”49163″>Func_MagicPortal_MarkettoHQ</T>
<T ev=”49164″>Func_MagicPortal_VistatoHQ</T>
<T ev=”49165″>Func_Spells_Duplicate</T>
<T ev=”49166″>Spawn_Marketstall_Magic_Broom</T>
<T ev=”49167″>Func_Spells_Steal</T>
<T ev=”49168″>Buff_Cauldron_Potion_MakeGlowy_Failure_VFX</T>
<T ev=”49169″>Func_Magic_Broom</T>
<T ev=”49170″>Spell_Magic</T>
<T ev=”49171″>Spawn_Marketstall_Magic_Potion</T>
<T ev=”49172″>Spawn_Marketstall_Magic_Wand</T>
<T ev=”49173″>Func_Wands</T>
<T ev=”49174″>Uniform_Spellcaster_Vintage</T>
<T ev=”49175″>Uniform_Spellcaster_StreetModern</T>
<T ev=”49176″>Uniform_Spellcaster_Fairytale</T>
<T ev=”49177″>Uniform_Spellcaster_Edgy</T>
<T ev=”49178″>Uniform_Spellcaster_Sage</T>
<T ev=”49179″>Uniform_Spellcaster_Sage_Practical</T>
<T ev=”49180″>Uniform_Spellcaster_Sage_Mischief</T>
<T ev=”49181″>Uniform_Spellcaster_Sage_Untamed</T>
<T ev=”49182″>Spawn_MagicPortal_Market</T>
<T ev=”49183″>Func_Fireplace_Magic</T>
<T ev=”49184″>DuplicateAffordance_MagicHQ_BeAmazed</T>
<T ev=”49185″>DuplicateAffordance_MagicHQ_BrowseBooks</T>


The patch added a new XML file (named ui.spellbook_tuning) with information about spells and potions. We already know that there will be four types of magic (Practical, Mischief, Tamed and Alchemy) but the patch reveals a lot more information about each.

  • Description of the spellbook itself: “A Spellcaster is nothing without their trusty Spell Book. Every incantation, ritual, and elixir that a Spellcaster has learned is recorded here. A Spellcaster can learn new spells and potion recipes from reading Magical Tomes, speaking to Sages, or by Practicing Magic.”
  • Description of Practical Magic: “A Practical Spellcaster studies all things helpful and useful. Life is much easier with a bit of magic!”
  • Description of Mischief Magic: “A Mischief Spellcaster loves nothing more than tormenting others with magical pranks. Why take everything so seriously?”
  • Description of Untamed Magic: “An Untamed Spellcaster dedicates themselves to only the most powerful and uncontrollable spells. Magic is a force to be controlled!”
  • Description of Alchemy Magic: “A student of the alchemical arts studies potions, elixirs, and tonics of all kinds. Who knows what power can be brewed up by a skilled Spellcaster?”
  • There are exactly 9 Practical spells, 7 Mischief Spells, 8 Untamed Spells and 15 Potions, assuming the code is as simple as it looks. Keep in mind that the code is specifically for the spellbook, so it doesn’t rule out there being spells you can practice some other way.

The available potions are as follows (note: their descriptions don’t seem to be included with the patch):

  • BFF Potion
  • Death Proof Potion
  • Empty Mind Potion
  • Feel Good Potion
  • Immortality Potion
  • Glowy Potion
  • Hate Potion
  • Life Extension Potion
  • Love Potion
  • Luck Potion
  • Nullify Potion
  • Phermone Potion
  • Prank Potion
  • Remove Curse Potion
  • Skill Potion

The file only contains some basic UI information. It doesn’t contain data on how the potions actually work, or if there are any kind of “modifiers” for them (like making a Skill Potion boost a specific skill).


The patch added a XML file (named sims.favorites.favorites_tuning) with “Favorites” data. Right now, Sims only have Favorites related to magic, but the system could be reused in future packs, or even base game content in the future.

The file mostly consists of references to resources that require Realm of Magic and weren’t included in the patch, so it’s hard to tell exactly what the “Favorites” are, but some seem to be related to elements like fire and water. A Sim’s Favorites will override certain visual effects when riding or landing a broom. They probably do other things as well, but the majority of the code is probably in the pack itself.

Loading Screen Tips

  • Familiars need to be bound to their owners in order to be summoned.
  • Sages will only teach the strongest spells to Spellcasters of the Virtuoso rank.
  • Legends say the Glimmerbrook waterfall holds secrets to a magical realm.
  • Casters Alley in The Magic Realm is your one stop shop for all things magic.
  • The three Sages in The Magic Realm have the power to teach anyone the magical arts.

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