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The Sims 4 Realm of Magic: Worlds & Lot Size Info

During The Sims Team’s official livestream for The Sims 4 Realm of Magic Game Pack they’ve revealed more information regarding the two new worlds – Glimmerbrook and The Magic Realm.

Glimmerbrook, a new residental world in the game will feature 5 different lots including:

  • Four 30×20 lots
    • One with a pre-built home and household
    • One unoccupied pre-built home
    • One empty lot
    • One pre-built venue – Bar
  • One 40×30 lot with a pre-built home and household

Down below you can check out the full Map overview of Glimmerbrook, including the lots that have been placed down. The house with a cursor above it is originally unoccupied.

When it comes to The Magic Realm there’s a single 40×40 lot that’s un-editable. At least without cheats.

This lot that you can see down below can be edited using the bb.enablefreebuild cheat. Although this will allow you to rebuild and remodel the lot however you want, you won’t be able to change the type of this lot which is marked as Magic HQ.

Want to check out the new worlds in action? Check out the livestream replay down below!

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  • Love the fact that this town is so small and hidden away, ( course am not a builder either! ) Really like the looks of houses, at least far away. Set up of town is very nice as well. A lot of thought was put into the making of this small and cozy town! :)

  • A beatyfull world, but The biggest lot is not big enough for me to build. It is so pitty. For me a vacation world and not to live constantly.