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The Sims Mobile Sweet Treat Update: Thoughts and Opinions

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After the studio switch of The Sims Mobile, Firemonkeys has ensured that the game will receive major improvements just like the all brand new Sweet Treat Update. Today I’ll be sharing my opinion for this update.

Starting the game will prompt the all brand new “game show” style event, Sweet Treat Showdown hosted by Patty Cakes, a new NPC designed just for this event.

Making your way to Parkside, you’ll see the bakery where you can start the event. Overall it’s a cute atmosphere. For here you can start the event and here’s where the fun begins. More new NPCs called Rivals will appear and dish out their cakes and pastries. Your objective is to replicate the dish your rival make by playing it safe or by taking risk. It’s all up to the player to choose which path they’d like their Sims to take. Throughout the event there are some fantastic animation and angle which were a nice addition and I hope they’ll continue to do more of this.

If the player succeed a round, they can move on to the next round or end the game but here’s the catch! If the player failed a round, they’ll lose all the rewards (may consist of Sweet Treat Tokens, Royal Sweet Tokens and others) collected throughout the round and receive a consolation prize which will not define all the hard work and risk you did in the rounds. You can also ask Patty for help but it doesn’t come for free.

After collecting enough Sweet Treat Tokens and Royal Treat Tokens, you can start unlocking prizes with the Sweet Treat Box or the Royal Treat Box to dress up your Sims or decorate they’re homes. After unlocking all the items, you’ll instantly receive the Grand Prize. The first one comes for free but if you want more well there’s a huge price tag that comes with that (does not apply to CAS items). The prizes are random but there are no duplicates! So everything you get is always fresh. You can also earn more tokens from other events but they come in small numbers.

There were at least two Sweet Treat Showdown Events that happen in this update which was themed Country Living and Charming Gardens. For Charming Gardens some changes were made from Country Living but they weren’t really big. Here’s the changes made stated by SimGuruIlya.

There were also an addition of three more Wumples Wishlist Quest and changes to the Surgeon and Secret Agent Career which was the addition of its own quest after reaching a certain level.

Overall, the update brings some nice changes but it can be difficult and expensive some times. The prizes are not really that worth the effort since they were just for decoration purposes and give no gameplay of sort, but players can still expect more Sweet Treat Showdown in the future as the gurus confirmed this event is here to stay. A teaser for the next update also have dropped and we’re hoping to see some more changes, more Sweet Treat Showdown, Wumples Wishlist Quest and the long waited Moschino Capsule Collection for The Sims Mobile.

Let us know your opinion about the new update and changes you really hope to see in the game!

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