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The Sims Mobile Dos and Don’ts: Sweet Treat Showdowns

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The Sims Mobile Sweet Treat Event style seems to be staying so in this article, I’ll be sharing the dos and don’ts that myself and some players find helpful. To help understand it better this article is separated into two parts, which are Sweet Treat Showdowns and the general event.

Sweet Treat Showdowns

Don’t: Stack your Attempts

The challenges can be stacked up to three attempts. After using one attempt, there will be an 8 hours cooldown timer that will start instantly. It’s best to avoid stacking up so that it will constantly refresh with new attempts. You can decide to stack up your attempts but once it stacks until the third attempt, no new attempts will regenerate causing the timer to stop.

Do: At Least Three Sweet Treat Showdowns

The challenges cooldowns are designed so that you can do at least three attempts a day. One in the morning, afternoon and night.

Don’t: Use Sugar Cubes for the First Two Rounds

If the first two rounds in the challenge are 90% and above, avoid using sugar cubes. You’ll need to save as much of sugar cubes you can get since there’re only 30 sugar cubes.

Do: Check all the Interactions

It’s best to check all the interactions so that you can plan wisely and save on sugar cubes.

Do: Use Sugar Cubes or Simoleons

Avoid using Simcashs and Cupcakes as they’re quite expensive to get back. Sugar Cubes always regenerate 30 Cubes when a new challenge begins while Simoleons are the easiest currency to get in the game.

Don’t: Bake it! Below 90%

It’s best to avoid “Bake it!” under 90% but if you want to take a risk, it’s all up to you.

Do: Stop When You Run Out of Sugar Cubes

You need at least two Sugar Cubes for each round. If you run out before the next round, collect and quit. You’ll get all the rewards you worked hard for. If you decided to go the next round without sugar cubes, it’s most likely you might fail and you only get the consolation prize which doesn’t define your hard work.

The General Event

Do: Quick Event

Throughout the course of the Sweet Treat Event, normal events (Career, Hobby, Relationship) has a chance of coming with Sweet Treat Tokens. To take advantage of this, always do the quick events because even you do a long event, it will give you the same amount of 25 Sweet Treat Tokens.

Don’t: Do Llamazooms

They don’t give you anything. Just don’t.

Do: Start the Event Immediately After Its Cooldown.

Like Sweet Treat Showdown, the Flavor Lab, Posh Pastry Class are designed to be done twice a day while then Home Sweet Home Baking is designed to be done once a day.

Do: Use Only One Cupcake

By giving your Sim a cupcake during the Flavor Lab, Posh Pastry Class, or Home Sweet Home Baking Event, your Sims will earn an additional 90 Sweet Treat Tokens.

Do: Watch Ads When Collecting Rewards

This may be the most boring and money-sucking thing to do. But it gives some additional bonuses such as 3 more Sweet Treat Tokens and an extra Royal Sweet Tokens (only applies to Home Sweet Home Baking Event)

Well, I hope these tips and tricks will help you in becoming the next best Sims Pastry Chef!

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