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Speculation: New Listings For The Sims 4 Discover University Appear Online

PLEASE NOTE: This post is purely speculation and doesn’t contain any official confirmation (yet) about the theme or content of The Sims 4’s upcoming pack.

A few weeks ago we shared an article about the possibility of The Sims 4 Discover University (EP8) being the next expansion pack. There was also talk that it could be launched as early as November 15th, 2019. Again at this time, the information that the community has seen is all speculation and nothing has been officially confirmed by EA.

You can read the previous article here.

However, another listing has appeared online. This time it is from the retailer LiveKaarten.

The listing itself doesn’t give us any information about what we could see in the potential upcoming expansion pack or a glimpse at the official box art either. It does, however, give us the same November 15th, 2019 release date as well as the same The Sims 4 Discover University name. The pricing also seems to be roughly in line with the normal expansion pack pricing also.

That’s not all. It would appear that a second listing has also appeared over on with the same information. Despite the box art being different from the previous listing the release date and expansion name are also the same.


After seeing the information about these two new listings, I decided to explore the internet myself to see if anything else came up. I was in luck and discovered that what appears to be a sister site to LiveKaarten, also had a listing for the new expansion pack.

UPDATED: 15th October 2019:

Since this article was originally posted, we have come across another listing for The Sims 4: Discover University online. This time it is from the digital retailer CDKEYS. Again the rumored expansion is available for pre-order and also releases on 15th November 2019.

Out of all of the information that has been seen so far over the last few weeks, the two things that have been consistent for each listing is the expansion pack name and the release date. While each listing currently has a placeholder image for the box art.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long until we see an official announcement from The Sims team!

Let us know what you think about these new listings for the possible new expansion pack in the comments below.

tip: EvanLe24 & AAnja94

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  • I think this stuff is just trying to sucker people. If these really are listed for sale, I think an article should be made to warn them that this is a scam. The pictures are from The Sims 3 and while it may be obvious to most people, some people might fall for it.

    • u must be new. nobody really cares bout them pictures or whuteva, they’re just placeholders anyways, what really matters now is the theme of the new expansio being university/campus.. a tropical themed expansion was also leaked back in april/may and now the cycle repeats itself.

    • @Kt, then I guess we all “fell for” the same thing when Island Living came out, as well as other packs! They can’t use official art if the game hasn’t been announced officially yet!

  • The UK store pricing is less than normal -grey market price rather than official one. £28.25 vs £34.99 for current expansion packs on origin. Together with dodgy artwork it looks a bit fake.

    It could be that sellers of fake packs are using the info from the ‘leak’ to sucker people

  • The cover art are placeholder images. You can’t make a listing if you don’t have any images and if you don’t have any official ones, you have to make some. The same thing has happened with every single expansion that has been leaked through a retail listing.

  • That’s how these listings always look, though, and so far all of them have successfully predicted an upcoming release, which of course should have been included in the article.

  • Googling LiveCards, there’s people who have said to not use them and they send “codes” to people through live chats. There’s even a review of them asking for an image of someone’s credit card with “only the name showing”. That’s incredibly dodgy.
    I wouldn’t trust the Live ones at all.

  • The images are placeholders. We’ve seen this before when we got leaks before official confirmations. If the rumors had no truth to them the gurus would’ve said something by now. When something is really incorrect they’ve made statements or joked/make a reference about the rumor (the rumors was that burglars weren’t in game because it would be supposedly triggering as they break into homes but vampires do that) in the past including when people were thinking a placeholder was official box art for a past expansion. I assume by now people have been bugging gurus or they’ve seen some very active forum posts.

  • Th e gurus tend to be tight lipped about true rumors or leaks (such as with origin) and that has a lot to do with the marketing team (and the gurus trying to keep their jobs because it would be hard to make it in this industry if you’re a know. blabbermouth and can’t be trusted with unreleased info from another company if you’re looking for a new job) as they’ve explained. It will mark off one of the more popular EP and hopefully a farming pack will be soon.

  • These all look like key reselling sites and going by the similar layouts are probably all linked. They are just going off of the current rumours from Sims sites like this one as they wouldn’t have direct knowledge of street dates.
    I’m not saying that the 15th isn’t going to be the correct date but this is by no means corroborating info.

  • Looks like a new leak (Xbox one from Microsoft store) with what looks more authentic with the art and has a description too. Sounds promising. From simsvip.

  • CDKeys is a scam site. I tried ordering from them less than a year ago and my $13 was gone with no replies back to me to resolve the issue. Hopefully people don’t fall for any of these scam websites and hopefully a legit article will come out with information.