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The Sims 4 Discover University: Everything We Spotted in the Reveal!

The Sims Team sent shock waves through the community yesterday by dropping the reveal trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming expansion pack, Discover University. Needless to say, we are NOT calm!

In the rippling excitement, you might have missed certain details. I know I had to watch over a dozen times! Here’s everything we were able to spot in the trailer!


No one could miss the introduction of bicycles! They were very prominently featured in the trailer. We certainly appreciate the inclusion of a bike helmet to go along with it. Safety first, kids!

Body Piercings

Sims have always had basic earlobe piercings but Simmers have been asking for more body piercings to come to the game for years. In the trailer, we see a masculine Sim with an eyebrow piercing and a feminine Sim with both a nose and eyebrow piercing.

New Tattoos

More tattoos are another popular request and one that The Sims Team delivered on in Island Living. It looks like we’ll be getting even more tattoos in Discover University. We managed to catch a glimpse of a cat tattoo, what looks like a dog tattoo, and a daisy tattoo.


It looks like we’ll be getting robots back! No news yet on whether they’ll be comparable to the Plumbots from The Sims 3, but in the trailer, a humanoid robot can be seen being worked on by a Sim, along with a smaller levitating robot in the background at a few different points.

Prosthetic Limbs

Representation of various disabilities in The Sims 4 has been a central discussion in the community for some time now. In the trailer, it looks like some of the Sims have prosthetic limbs. We don’t know for sure if this robotic arm is permanent or just a cool gadget that can be worn like a smart watch, but either way, this could look promising for more prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, and other items that could improve representation in the game.


Basketball was introduced in City Living, and since then, Simmers have been asking for more sports to be added to the game. It looks like soccer could be a new sport our Sims can play both on and off campus.


Drones were introduced to The Sims 4 in Get Famous, but given that robotics seems to be the focus of Foxbury Institute, it wouldn’t surprise us if these new drones in Discover University had some cool new features beyond just recording video.

New Laptop

Laptops initially came to The Sims 4 in StrangerVille. Later, a chromakey laptop was added to the base game in a free update as a Freelancer career reward. It looks like Discover University will add a new laptop to the game. This sticker-covered, beat-up laptop certainly reminds us of our university years.

Mini Fridges

Tiny home builders, rejoice! Mini fridges are coming back and they can have small appliances and other clutter objects placed on them! These are going to be great space-savers in those cramped, humble starters.

New Easels/Paintings

New easels and paintings are something that have been sorely needed for a long time. For the most part, they hadn’t really been updated since the base game first launched. It’s refreshing to see our artistic Sims will have new things to paint and new tools to paint them on.

New Mascot Costumes

What would The Sims be without silly costumes? Among some of the more out-of-this-world clothing options coming with Discover University are team mascot costumes! It looks like the Britechester mascot is a dragon and the Foxbury mascot is a… lobster??? Shouldn’t it be, y’know, a fox? Someone get to the bottom of this mystery!

Inter-School Activities

As a graduate from a university that shared its campus with another college, this particularly excited me. It looks like the students from Britechester and Foxbury will be able to intermingle and even compete against each other in extracurricular activities, if this debate scene from the trailer is any indication of gameplay.

Academic Calendar

This academic calendar seen hanging on the wall in the background here may just be wall decor, but we’re hoping it will have a function similar to the family bulletin board from Parenthood; instead of helping Sims manage a family, it would help students manage their timetables and extra activities.

Public Washroom Stalls

Another popular request looks like it will become a reality in the game at last; public washroom stalls! No more building cumbersome walls to give a false appearance of washroom stalls! Hooray!

Public Mischief

We got a good laugh when we saw these Sims TP-ing the Britechester campus statue! What says university life more than some traditional late-night mischief?

Graduation Parties

This graduation day celebration looks like a lot of fun! There needs to be some kind of last hurrah after four years of suffering, right? If anything, celebrate getting your first good night’s sleep in four years.

Drinking Games

Of course, The Sims is a T-rated game and they’re pretty strict about sticking to that rating, so this popular party game is called “juice pong” in true PG fashion. Still, university wouldn’t be university without wild parties and drinking games.

Ping Pong Tables

You can’t have “juice” pong without a ping pong table to play it on! It looks like this popular tabletop sport will be making a comeback in The Sims franchise with the launch of Discover University.

Shower WooHoo

The Sims isn’t The Sims without WooHoo and university isn’t university without WooHoo, either! Shower WooHoo was introduced in The Sims 3 and Simmers have been wanting it to make a return in The Sims 4 since it first launched five years ago. Are your Sims ready to get hot and steamy?

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

The Sims 4 Discover University will be released on November 15th for PC/Mac and December 17th for PS4/Xbox One

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  • i’d LOVE for there to be prosthetics in the sims, but unfortunately i feel like this might only be a top?? because all sims with the prosthetics that we’ve seen in the trailer seem to be wearing the same shirt (in different colors) underneath it? hopefully i’m wrong

    • It seems to me on closer inspection from other trailer screens is that it’s an exo-arm, designed to support the strength on either an injured arm or increase the strength of an already healthy arm for heavy lifting. There’s also what is akin to exosuits related to these arms that do the same thing but with the entire body. The military is developing technology just like this not only for enhanced combat, but also to help crippled soldiers from battle. So the prognosis is a 50/50 on this one! :)

  • I guess soccer isn’t gonna be an actual sport since the official description only mentions juggling with a ball. I expect it to be a single interaction only

  • That women with the cool hair that helped the crying debate girl got fatter and fatter throughout the video. Maybe she is pregnant! Would that maybe mean that teenagers can get pregnant? That’s a thing that happens in real life, so wouldn’t be a bad thing right?

  • I’m hoping for bunk beds (though, they would have made more sense in one of the kid packs) because I have a lot of families with lots of kids in small houses.

  • I think the tattoos might be similar to the tattoos in the sims 3. They are all in similar places on the arm (forearm and back of the bicep) and are simple, unlike the tattoos in the game already. I think in the upcoming pack, we’ll be able to place small tattoos on different parts of our sims’ bodies!

  • And cue the complaints about the graduation party because according to some the gurus are pushing parties again despite this pack not being focused on parties and as if no one has graduation parties or hang out at bars when attending a university. Seeing that nonsense was just laughable but to be expected by those who complain about everything yet still keep coming back to suck the enjoyment out of packs for others.