Maxis Studio Announce Extra Life Livestream


SimGuruFrost revealed on Twitter that the Maxis Studio will be taking part in a special twenty-four-hour live stream in support of the charity Extra Life.

Maxis Studio Announce Extra Life Livestream

If you aren’t sure who Extra Life are or what they do, you can find out more here!

The Livestream itself will start on 1st November 2019 at 5 PM PT over on the Maxis Twitch channel.

While there is currently no confirmed schedule for what will appear during the stream, we can expect to see one in the next few days via the Maxis Extra Life page. SimGuruFrost has confirmed that The Sims 4 Discover University will not be shown during this stream.

So why not join in and watch the Maxis Studio Team while they raise money for Extra Life next week!

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