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The Sims 4 Discover University: Welcome to Britechester

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Welcome to Britechester!

“Begin a new chapter in the historical University of Britechester or modern Foxbury Institute. Live in a dorm room or off-campus in the welcoming town of Gibbs Hill. Explore Britechester on a bicycle, spend time in the student commons, and have a study session at the library. Cheer on the student body at a school spirit event and wear school colours to show your Sim’s pride.”

The world is essentially divided into three areas. Foxbury Institute Campus on the left-hand side, Gibbs Hill in the middle and University of Britechester Campus on the right-hand side. There is a total of thirteen lots in Britechester although nine of these are tied to the Universities.

Foxbury Institute Campus

“Foxbury Institute may seem young compared to the historical town surrounding it, but it has quickly distinguished itself in academia. For the students who have worked hard to attend Foxbury Institute, it’s not just work, but the pursuit of personal passions that keeps this campus bustling.”

Larry’s Lagoon – 40×30

This lot is the Foxbury Commons.

Maritime Manor – 30×20 -$64,6341

Foxbury Institute students only.

Briny Tower 30×20 – $58,425

This University Housing Lot is occupied by Cameron Fletcher when you first enter Britechester.

Tidal Tower – 30×20 $58,701

Foxbury Institute students only.

Gibbs Hill – The Town of Britechester

“Gibbs Hill is nestled in the centre of Britechester right between the two universities, Foxbury Institute and the University of Britechester. It was the first centre of activity in Britechester and its famous Laurel Library has stayed a key location for many students to study and learn. The Pepper’s Pub has also become a common spot for students from all around to make friends regardless of their rivalries.”

Laurel Library (Community Lot)

Honeydew Fields – 20×15 – $22,337

This lot is unoccupied.

Mossy Lane – 20×15 – $122,370

This lot is occupied by The Pleasant Family when you first enter Britechester.

Spring Steppes – 20×15 – $77,140

This lot is occupied by The Elderberry Family when you first enter Britechester.

Pepper’s Pub – 20×20 (Community Lot)

University of Britechester Campus

“This university is the oldest in Britechester, founded by the famous Felix Psyded, who was well known for his enthusiasm for learning and humorously large books. As the years have passed the University of Britechester has established itself as an esteemed institute of classical education.”

Drake Hall

University of Britechester students only.

Darby’s Den

This is the UBrite Commons lot.

Wyvern Hall – 30×20 – $85,283

This lot is occupied by The Best Friends Family when you first enter Britechester. This lot is also for University of Britechester students only.

Darkwing House

University of Britechester students only.

There is plenty to explore in the historic world of Britechester. With plenty of open spaces and places to explore on land, water and even on two wheels!

Whether it is learning more at Laurel Library or catching up with friends at Pepper’s Pub there is plenty for University Students, Residents and those planning on studying at one of Britechester’s two universities in the future. Add Britechester’s historical background and charm into the mix and it really is the place your Sims need to be. Just keep an eye out for strange and mysterious things happening near the castle late at night.

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  • Hi everyone, I’m Kathleen – Respectful. I love, love the Sims. I’m 63 and have been playing for at least 18 yrs. Although I’m not as teckie as you young kids. I would love to see sims let us build roads anywhere so my sims can live in the mountains and woods. Explore caves and me go with them to see what is going on. Not like the graveyard they go in we don’t. Visit other plants in the rocket with my sims- Sims Startrack. In Sim 4 we can only build where the game lets you not alot of yard and it looks like there is more territory but cant go there just looks like ripples in sand. We should beable to follow our Sims everywhere. Yes, more variety in flooring, walls ect.. Things to build and decorated with. Beable to go on a cruise and take a boat out in the rivers and fish. In Sims 3 Paradise Island you can do some of these things. There are to many buildings our Sims go and we cannot. Also for it not to take so long to get things done, building the rocket, going to work and trying to job and get it done. Just takes forever. We should beable to climb trees and fix rooftop, sew clothing, paint our homes. All the new stuff packages you have showed we need. Well thats all for now, a happy Sims is a fun Sims.

    • I’m 52 and I’ve been playing since Sims 3 came out. My niece was a teenager and got me into playing. I agree with a lot you said above. I really miss the open worlds in Sims 3, the cars, movie theater, picnic and tossing the baseball around. I wish they wouldn’t worry so much about players with computers that can’t keep up.
      I agree with you that it takes way too long to reach the top of the careers, build things and raising kids is way to complicated. I also don’t like that a lot of careers have long hours and few days off. Mainly the ones in Get To Work.

  • Hey. I have a question about the two universities. Is there any way you can study at both Britechester and Foxbury? Can you, for example, take a history major/minor at Britechester and Biology minor/major at Foxbury at the same time?
    And one last question. After first term, can you move back into a dorm or is the dorm only for first term?