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The Sims 4 Discover University: Lot Types & Lot Traits

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The Sims 4 Discover University comes with several new Lot Types as well as two new Lot Traits. The great thing about both of these is that they are not completely restricted to being used in the world of Britechester. You can use them in any world providing that both the Lot Traits and Lot Types are compatible with each other. This means you can ultimately extend either University campus as much as you wish across the game.

Lot Types

  • Foxbury Commons –  The Foxbury Commons is a place for students from the Foxbury Institute to get food and study. Between classes, the Foxbury commons hosts a variety of fun activities for students.
  • UBrite Commons – The UBrite Commons is a place for students from the University of Britechester to get food and study. Between classes, the UBrite commons hosts a variety of fun activities for students.
  • University Housing – University Housing is a place for students to live and rest their head while going to University. Each University Housing can be designated for one of Britechester’s two prestigious universities.

Each Lot Type will have requirements that will be displayed in a drop-down menu in the Lot Info Panel.

With University Housing, you are unable to enter Build/Buy Mode while there are active Sims living there. This is where the University Kiosks come in handy for purchasing a selection of live draggable objects. However, you can edit University Housing if you enable the freebuild cheat (bb.enablefreebuild). If you don’t wish to use the cheat, you will have to move any active Sims out to another lot first.

University Housing also means that depending on the number of beds that are present on the lot, the game will randomly spawn roommates to fill those. The roommates could be super helpful and keep on top of keeping things clean and repair broken objects or they could be very messy and not help with cleaning or repairing objects. You will see a Maid come in once a week who will clean up dirty objects but they will not pick up after messy roommates. You can also call for a Repairman for free if you are in University Housing.

Additionally with the University Housing Lot Type, you can choose the University, any gender restrictions and if there are any affiliations to any Organizations or Get Together Clubs. These settings can be found under the University Housing Configuration Menu which is located next to the Lot Info Panel.

Lot Traits

University Student HangoutThis spot has great prices on food and drink, so the university students are sure to flock to it.

Note: This Lot Trait is not available for Residential, Retail, Spa, Restaurant, Vet Clinic, University Housing or Rental lots. 

Study Spot – A great place to enhance one’s mind in pursuit of higher education. Not only will Sims complete their homework faster, but they can study longer without getting mentally exhausted. They’ll also enjoy a slight bonus to all skill-building.

Note: There are no known restrictions for this Lot Trait.

Which lot trait or lot type are you most excited to play with? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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Hey! I'm Krista. Long-time Simmer currently studying at Foxbury Institue.


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  • The 24-hour racket from the violin players in the dorms makes me want to throw my headphones against the wall! The pack is fun, but the violin players are driving me nuts. They can’t play worth a crap (and that’s putting it nicely), they’re out of sync, and out of tune. It’s a headache-inducing cacophony. None of the other Sims can listen to the radio or watch TV because of it. They need to go!

  • Can you have more than 4 sims in university housing? (not dorms, but lots under the university housing type). I have a university house with 9 beds but only 4 sims?

  • Hi, thanks for the information.
    I have some questions, I hope someone knows…

    *when I build a University student Housing in the city of Discover University on the Lot 50×40, where the Library is, does the game randomly spawn automatically roommates/Student npc’s, like in Dorms?

    *Can I hire a service such as a Butler or so?

    *When I build several little Student houses on one lot, is one mailbox enough or required 1 mailbox every house


  • Why can’t I build University Housing outside of Britechester as the lot sizes are too small for a Neo-Gothic Halls Of Residence with the Cathedral, Gymnasium & Cafeteria that I have thought of with my Felixandre CC and other CC.