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The Sims 4: 10 Things Build / Buy Mode Needs!

Sul, Sul Simmers, ourdazedsims here, but you can call me Jack!

I’m super excited to announce I’m one of 10 new members of the Sims Community family and I’ll be producing content and articles on the regular.

Firstly I’d like to start by introducing myself, so here goes… Hey, I’m Jack I’m a 24 year old Simmer and have been for the last 18 years, I’m currently studying for a Psychology and Counselling degree with hopes of being a therapist, along with that I also love to read, and I’m heavily obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I love all aspects of The Sims but these days you’ll probably find me in CAS or recreating builds from movies and TV shows such as The Burrow, Hagrid’s Hut and Lorelai Gilmore’s House, or obsessing over Pleasantview.

And that’s me, I’m incredibly grateful to be here, and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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Like… Yesterday.


Anywhere? Yes anywhere, as I’m sure you all know we can place windows on walls with the alt key, but only on the y axis. I would love to be able to place them anywhere on the wall, along with doors, it’s so frustrating when you’re building a house and you’re going to place a door, you’ve found the perfect one for your build but wait… it just… doesn’t fit, it’s too narrow or too wide. Let me choose where I put my windows or doors, you can alt place pretty much everything else, so why not this?


No, not that kind of half wall, I’m talking half width. Hear me out the current walls in game are kinda wide, imagine being able to half it, this would allow for so much more detail and realism to be added to builds, if like me you like to build using real life blueprints you know the struggle of trying to emulate it perfectly it’s near impossible, because in reality not all walls are one size. I’d like more realism.


So maybe this isn’t a huge deal, but you lose so much space on your lot by having to build fences and walls one square back, I know at times when I’ve finished building my house and I’m going to add a fenced in backyard and I have plans for this backyard, a pool, a swing set, hey maybe even a sandpit and you start doing your thing, and soon come to realise there’s not enough space, after that realisation you also realise if you’d have been able to build to the edge of the lot there would have been, UGH!


This is something I’d love to be able to do, I’ll touch on why I want real garages in my next point but if ever I’m building a garage for my Sims I’d love to be able to just stick it on the side of the house without any issues, right now you either have to have the garage as a completely separate building or if you do have it connected to the foundation it’s raised up and looks very unrealistic, I feel like the Sims team have come leaps and bounds with their build mode updates recently, I mean configurable stairs? An absolute dream come true, should this be next on their list?


I know, I know, everyone wants cars, but me? I’m happy with the decor ones we got with the bb.showliveeditobjects cheat. However, what I would like is garage doors, why? Again for me it’s realism, it just seems so odd to me that they aren’t a part of the game, so many people have garages and sure we can make fake ones with the door we got from City Living or by using a sliding wallpaper and adding some small windows, I for one feel as though I should be able to make real ones, especially since they were included in previous instalments.


So as you might know, different lights in the game shine different colours or emit more light than others, and when I’m building I’ll generally use The Subtle Saucer Light, it’s great, it lights up the whole room with a bright and natural light that looks great. Placing lamps is a different story, while yes they look great and fill up surface space they often give off this horrible yellow light, it looks terrible. Now to change the colour and intensity of the light I’ll have to leave my build, go back to the neighbourhood, place a family on that lot, load it back up, go into live mode to be able to access this feature… Why is it so tedious? Please just let me do it from build/buy.


Why is this not a thing? I’m going to use Windenburg as an example, the old quarter, y’know where the Behr sisters live? It’s entirely covered in cobble stone, every last inch of it, and the lots are built right up to it, but there’s no matching floor or terrain paint in build mode… Because of this it doesn’t blend seamlessly and looks odd, it’s annoying. This is not the only world this is an issue in, please give us things that match the surrounding worlds.


If there’s one point I hope the Sims Gods see in this post this is it. Please can we have the option to change the bed frame and the comforter separately? I like my furniture to match and so often I’ll be furnishing my bedrooms and be looking for a bed and hey there’s one I like, but wait the wood colour doesn’t match the rest of the room, what do I do? Stick with the mismatched swatch or change the entire room to a wood swatch I’m unhappy with just so it matches? No thank you. This seems to have been such an oversight during development, especially since The Sims 2 did it in 2004, why am I still waiting for it to be included in The Sims 4 over 5 years after release?


Need I even explain? The Hipster Hugger is still to this day my favourite couch in game, it’s base game, and it only comes in three swatches, and has no counterparts, where is the two seater version? Where is the matching chair? EA please give us full sets in the future, I’m talking couch, love seat, chair. PLEASE.


Give me all the clutter, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room clutter, cups and books, everything. Would I buy a stuff pack filled entirely with clutter? You bet your little pixelated booty I would.

Before I head out I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Jovan for this opportunity, I’m incredibly grateful and so happy to be a part of the team!

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Hey I'm Jack, 24 long time simmer, you can probably find me somewhere in Pleasantview.


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    • Y que pasa con los bebés? Todos olvidan que son simplemente un objeto más, que genera algo de que hacer.
      Por favor generen ideas y actividades de acuerdo a la Filosofía del juego. Juega a la vida.

    • I agree with all of them, we need this improvements. There’s a way to connect rooms with different foundations tho, there’s a video on YouTube explaining it and it’s actually quite easy. Also what I want the most is better babies, that just annoys me so much.

  • The separate bed frame/mattress would be great, but also: I’d love the ability to “upgrade” beds, like you click it and there’s an option “add a mattress pad $200” and then you get +2 to energy if it’s a cheap bed, +1 if it’s mid grade, +0 if it’s good. I just never use the low energy beds because I want my sims to get rested quickly and some of them are cute beds that I would love to use

  • I really miss the different levels in the house like making a podium for debate. Not just on the ground level with the deleted floor.

  • 2 more things we need. 1st MORE lots to build on. 2nd be able to change color of build mode Items and Create a Sim items (like we could in sims past)

  • What we really need it to be able to designate space as inside and outside, so when removing floors you don’t end up with wall trip on the inside

  • Touché Jack. They’ve given us SO much in game and more recently in updates, but there are still some minor issues or missing objects we need. Fingers crossed.
    Also, great first article!

  • yess! preach! Another thing I would like to add to the game is the greying versions of the hair since only brown and black have the greying swatch!

  • I want bunk beds!!!! Futon!! Pull out coach!! Loft beds with a desk!!! Day bed!!!

    Also, I want to actually be able to put a corner bench in an actual corner without a gap!!

  • Hi Jack,

    Totally agree on the building connected floors at a different foundation height. I recently tried to build a mid-set home that we see a lot in Australia and it just cant be done in a nice way!
    I would also love to see bunk beds, actual usable kids bunk beds or having the ability to create them by putting two beds on top of each other and adding a ladder or stairs.

  • I agree with you about furniture not matching. In the Sims 3 you could customize everything even clothes! When sims 4 came out I was very disappointed when I realized you only had limited choices for swatches. And another thing…CARS!! Where did they go? Bring them back plz! No more load screens for traveling!

  • Putting a cut out in walls for a pass through option! Wouldn’t be hard …just like a window frame(no glass) and trim(like in the half walls) on the bottom section!

    Windows that curve out

    More single medium and tall door options!

    Shower head & faucets that are free standing so you can apply them to any wall freely!

    Windows that you can put together to make a larger window ( two end pieces that have 3 sides framed and a middle piece that only has frame pieces on the top and bottom! ( I hope that makes sense)

  • I like pretty much all of these, but can I please add diagonal kitchen islands/counters? Or filler pieces that work on the diagonal so you can make those funky kitchens AND place a stove/sink in there AND have it all work!

    I was thinking about the half panel walls (all those half heights are great, but, come on guys, Halve the width would be soooo awesomely fantastic for little bay windows (Yes we’ve got windows that would fit!) and adding the alt function to window placement width ways would make it work!!!

    Also, get the windows to match the doors please and give me something that has glass in, as well as something without for bathroom doors!

  • I would LOVE bunk beds and sectional couches. I hate having to use the moveobjects cheat to connect my couches. Plus bunk beds would save so much room in kids rooms and homes!

  • My most important one of those you mention is full sets of furniture

    Also full sets of windows and doors.

    And properly matching swatches, can these please decide what exactly their default white shade is!

    And finally the ability to apply colours and textures to ceilings and the inside of roofs

  • I wish there was more clutter too, especially for things to put on shelves. Re: garage doors, city living came with fake garage doors (under build mode as ‘DIY garage mural’) that function as murals, they’re good for more rustic style builds. One thing I want for build mode is ladders, for getting into attics and on tiny-home builds.