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5 Amazing “Real to Sims” Builds You Have to See

5 Amazing “Real to Sims” Builds You Have to See

Build by @Sandysimsss


Hi Simmers! Sarah here from The Property Sims, and I’m so excited to let you all know that I’m now a Community Reporter for The Sims Community!

A little bit about me, you ask? (Or maybe didn’t ask but you’ll get it anyway)…Well I started becoming infatuated with building in The Sims (TS1) when I was probably about 10 years old. My builds did not look great, but I was so happy with the freedom I had to create any home I wanted! Fast forward through 3 more Sims generations, countless builds, more than a handful of birthdays, and here I am; writing about The Sims, for simmers, on The Sims Community! This past March of 2019 my husband and I decided to start sharing our builds on social media, and that’s how The Property Sims was born. Never in a million years did we think it would go anywhere, but we’re happy to stand corrected!

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Now let’s learn about some amazing Sims creators, shall we?!

If you’re sitting there asking yourself what a “Real to Sims” build could be, well it’s exactly what it sounds like. A Real to Sims build is a recreation of a home that exists in real life and is then transformed into a Sims home. These builds are normally inspired by stumbling upon house pictures, or even architecture sketches, online and a creator having enough gumption and motivation to actually try to recreate it! Having done quite a few myself, I will say that, a lot of times, it’s no easy feat. Although there are endless options to what you can create in The Sims 4, sometimes when you’re trying to perfectly recreate a home from “the real world,” it can be a bit challenging. With that being said, here are some amazing creators who do a flawless job!



If there was ever a Sims 4 builder who took a picture of a real home and made their builds look even better, that would be Sandysimsss. She has so many insane Real to Sims builds that it’s honestly hard to choose just one to share. Scrolling through #realtosims on Instagram is a treat because all her builds are breathtaking.

About the Builder: Sandy started her Sims journey with TS1 when she was just a kid and would play after school with her best friend. After burning out from using too many cheats (I can relate with that!) she rediscovered her love for the game with The Sims 4. With a passion for interior design, remodeling, and architecture “the possibilities in build mode seemed endless,” and Sandy found herself more drawn to building than game play this time around. Now it’s 2019 and Sandy has an awesome following on Instagram and also has begun sharing her builds on Youtube. Sandysimsss gains inspiration from “other builders on Instagram, as well as house developer, real estate agent, and architecture accounts.”

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This talented simmer has such a unique posting format, and it’s always exciting to see what her next post is! Besides Real to Sims recreations, Dvrthmol also makes so many different, large, elaborate builds!

About the Builder: Dvrthmol (Darthmol) started playing The Sims in 2002! Her favorite things about The Sims are “the opportunity to use creativity, and how it allows you to relax and decompress,” and also that “The community is really awesome; people are so supportive and kind!” Dvrthmol mentioned that among many things, seeing other creator’s builds, Pinterest picture finds, and homes that she drives by daily, tend to inspire her to build!

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Buildsbynaho, or Naho Sims, is one of those creators where their cozy, clutter builds make you envious! Why can’t I clutter like that?! Other than her amazing up-close room shots, she has also recreated a few spectacular Real to Sims builds!

About the Builder: Paula’s first experience with the game was The Sims 2, but didn’t actually start building until this year (2019)! Can you believe it? She filled me in that she was “looking for some tips and tricks,” when she “saw an Aveline YouTube video,” and that was the first time she became fully interested in building! After building solely for her own enjoyment for half of the year, Paula decided to begin sharing her creations on social media. Continuing with the name she had given a favorite sim, her Naho Sims persona was born!

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I mean…WOW. The intricacy of MySimsDreamHouse’s builds is completely mind blowing. And honestly, her Sims builds end up looking more enticing than the real homes! It’s always impressive how crisp and real her builds look.

About the Builder: MySimsDreamHouse, or Alina, had her first run with The Sims at just 7 years old! After taking a quick breather during The Sims 3 era, Alina got back into building, and started playing The Sims 4, after watching James Turner videos! Her favorite thing about the game are “the complex story lines and gameplay.” Even though, as of recently, MySimsDreamHouse has mostly stuck with building. Alina continues to be “blown away” with other videos from Sims content creators, like Plumbella.

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If there’s another thing I love as much as building in The Sims, it’s Halloween. And so when I saw BeccaTownSims had recreated the house from Beetlejuice this year, I was awestruck! Not only did she recreate the exterior of the home, but the interior too. Can you believe this was her first Real to Sims build?!

About the Builder: Becca’s love for The Sims started when The Sims 2 first came out. She always loved history, and did something incredibly unique; she set up all her Sims 2 neighborhoods for historical gameplay! By the time The Sims 4 came around, Becca was ready to explore more modern builds and architectural styles. She’s only recently begun sharing her builds on her BeccaTownSims account, but has some serious talent. “When I re-watched Beetlejuice,” she told me, “I knew that I wanted to build the Maitland’s beautiful Gothic Revival home.” It’s like Becca had been preparing for this all with those years building in The Sims 2!

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WOW that was a lot of talent! I would like to take a second and thank each of the creators I had the pleasure of interviewing for this article! I’m looking forward to continuing to contribute to The Sims Community, and also being able to shine the spotlight on more simmers. I know there are so many more amazing Sims creators out there! Do you have a favorite Real to Sims builder? Let me know in the comments below!

Dag dag for now!

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Consisting of husband and wife team, The Property Sims focus on Sims 4 builds and “real to sims” recreations. Sarah & Scooter have been fans of The Sims since its inception. Besides TS4 builds, they enjoy spending time with their two cats, traveling, and binge-watching shows on the couch together.

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