SimGuruFrost Confirms December Maxis Monthly

SimGuruFrost has confirmed on Twitter that there will be a Maxis Monthly Livestream in December. The stream is set for Monday 16th December 2019 at 11 AM PT over on The Sims Twitch channel and will be hosted by SimGuruNinja and SimGuruDuke.

We will receive an update on all things The Sims Mobile and The Sims Freeplay from SimGuruMegz & SimsTV, information about the second Community Stuff Pack Vote and one last big announcement for 2019! I wonder what it could be?

Don’t forget to set a reminder as you won’t want to miss this!

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    • We already have Supernatural. It’s called Vampires and Realm of Magic.
      Is there enough (non-violent) material for werewolves to be the sole focus of a pack? I doubt it.

      • I think werewolves will be something like the mermaids (coming with a expansion) with a focus in “go crazy” like make holes, break things, fight someone…

        • Not sure if I would prefer werewolves as a GP or EP. I don’t know if there is enough to put them on their own like vampires and witches/spellcaster but when occults (mermaids and aliens) are part of an EP they come up more lacking than what could’ve been if they had a pack focused solely on them. I would like for them to add a little bit of a story like strangerville had as a side thing like maybe with a hidden alpha pack? I don’t know just something extra for werewolves. Transforming into a werewolf would be a pricey animation if done well since I do not want them to use the spin animation as that would be far too lazy and immersive breaking (I use a mod to eliminate the spin altogether). I’m sure there could be an animation they could reuse to use the animation cost elsewhere though that does annoy some people.

      • you ever played sims 3? They had a supernatural pack and added all the occult’s except mermaids. Just vampires and spellcasters isn’t enough for me, especially since they’re much more expensive for a single occult. I actually prefer the “watered down” versions of occults. Not like sims 4 vampires and spellcasters. I wish they were just occults and not tiered.

        • I don’t think they’ll add a supernatural pack like before since two major occults that were included already have a packs and that will cause a lot of drama if they were to do that especially after the my first pet thing. I assumed werewolves would come in their own packs. Not sure if they’ll do zombies though since some people hated them. Maybe they’ll do a supernatural pack for the remaining occults. I like the tiers this time around since it fits my personal gameplay and it feels like there’s something to achieve per individual occult.

          • I think people would be more open to zombies if they didn’t spawn everywhere and force themselves onto our gameplay the way they did in Supernatural.

            A lot of players wanted the moon phases for the various perks they brought for their witches, werewolves and fairies, (or just the realism), but the only way to prevent zombies was to disable it. It wasn’t a good way to make it optional.

            Not to mention the only way to defend against them (for a non-magic Sim) was to use that dumb Plants Vs Zombies preorder bonus.

            I’ve often thought zombies should be introduced in an Into The Future-type pack: you’ve got a good (default) future and a bad future, and the bad future is a zombie apocalypse. Totally optional, totally limited to that one world.

    • I feel like there’s more than enough supernatural stuff in the game now, especially if they’re really adding bits and pieces of the Happy Haunts stuff pack to the game as one Guru mentioned. Just my opinion though.

  • I am waiting for fairies as hell. Hoping for a town in sylvan glade style, forest furniture etc. But im pretty sure that werewolfs can be great too. Not wishing for upgrade plantsims anymore

  • Hopefully the announcement is related to a patch or the community stuff pack. They’ve put out too many packs recently and I’d prefer new build features or swimmable oceans over any paid content if I’m being honest.