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6 Christmas Custom Content Build Sets for The Sims 4 that we love


Sul Sul,

Simanoid here,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The festive season is in full swing. I don’t know about you, but I always look really forward to seeing what cute Christmas things website, games and programs implement for a little fun. And, y’know…. Sims 4 doesn’t provide new holiday stuff often. So in case you’re getting a little bored of the Xmas content provided in the free Holiday Pack and Seasons EP? Or feeling like all your Sims houses look too similar when you try to decorate?

Then it’s time to try some custom content!

CC is a great way to completely personalize your Sims homes and experience, and there are soooooo many amazing and adorable creations out there from our talented cc community! Seriously… I have so much fun downloading festive cc. And the best part is… it’s free! Mostly.

Whether you celebrate Christmas for religious reasons or just because you like the holiday season like me and love the vibe the festive season brings then why not go all out in The Sims 4?
I love decorating my Sims homes with everything from little cards, to decorative items like pillows and cushions, ornaments, stair railing decorations…. yes.. for your STAIRS! So cute!

Ok, are you excited? Let’s get into it!

6 Christmas Custom Content Build Sets for The Sims 4 that we love

Here are some of my favorite buy/build Christmas sets for The Sims 4:

(Please refer to the picture above for the numbers)

  1. Scandinavian Christmas by Severinka_
  2. Christmas Décor by Severinka_
  3. Christmas Set by Severinka_
  4. Happy Holidays by SIMcredible!
  5. Christmas 2018 Decorations by wondymoon
  6. Christmas Day by soloriya

Hope this helps you find new cc for your game, please guys, there is a LOT out there so go searching for other stuff too! These are just a few sets that I recommend – especially for people who are new to buy cc 😉

Let me know if you’d like to see Christmas CAS cc, and what categories? (hats, jewelry, outfits, etc.)

Happy Holidays to you and your Simmies from me and my Simmies.

– xo Simanoid

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Sul Sul, I am Cay, aka Simanoid. I’m a 24 year old aspiring music artist who has been obsessed with Sims since the first installment of the game franchise. I’ve always loved every aspect of the game; including those pesky technical difficulties that cause game problems. It’s a challenge and learning experience so yeah, that can be fun too… and frustrating! Oh! Did I mention I’m a bit of a CC addict? XD

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