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The Sims 4 Community Stuff Pack Vote #2: Art Style

The Sims Team has just published their second vote for the Community Stuff Pack for The Sims 4!

In this vote they’re letting YOU choose the art style for Objects and Clothing for the theme that won the first Community Stuff Pack vote (Arts & Crafts / Knitting). Down below you can see 3 different examples of art styles including:

  • Granny Chic
  • DIY Delight
  • Cozy Craft Workshop

In the official linked survey down below you’ll be able to choose only one art style of your liking that will determine the art style of the entire pack. The voting is open right now and will last until January 3rd, 2020!

Ready to make a decision? CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE!

For more information about the Community Stuff Pack, CLICK HERE!

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    • Well, no one said you have to buy the pack. That’s why it’s a stuff pack, it’s OPTIONAL. Even if you do buy the pack, you don’t even have to touch the clothes if you don’t want. You can just use the build/buy objects.

      The Gurus have already said that stuff packs and the like aren’t for everyone, they’re not must-have-to-play parts of the game. They just add a little extra flare like the ability for your granny sims or crafting-inclined ones to be able to knit in this case.

      The whole point of stuff packs is to customize the content of your game to what YOU want. Don’t like knitting or the stuff in the pack? Don’t buy it. Save up for the next stuff pack or expansion. Heck, give the money to charity or something if you feel the strange urge to spend it on something.

      Just because they didn’t pick the pack you wanted, or somehow miraculously read your individual mind out of all the people that voted and play the sims, doesn’t mean the stuff is ugly or should make anyone not want to play. That’s all on you guys and your negative attitudes. The people working to create this game only gave us CONCEPT art. The style in the end could be similar, but it’s not necessarily the final product. The clothing could be completely different. If you’re just going to complain about something small like an optional stuff pack that you’re not obligated to purchase, maybe you shouldn’t be playing sims. Or maybe you should look into custom content and mods instead of stuff packs for specific clothing if it really ticks you off that much.

    • I loved the ugly clothes! Just like my granny used to make. I think it’s just a quick example that will be improved once they move forward with one design or another. This is just to give a hint of what is to come

  • I ended up settling with DYI. I’m more for the build and buy in the concept images than I am for CAS. I think CAS was stronger in discover university for example but with this pack it leaves a bit to be desired. Sometimes I wished they’d just go with simple and realistic decisions not flashy, fashion inspired or too quirky. Some of us play sims that aren’t rich or materialistic (or very quirky) so some of the clothes just aren’t practical or usable. Also black and certain other colors for me look like there’s some texture bleed but I don’t know if that’s the result of my graphic cards and playing on ultra (which is why I adore recolors that have actual black and not “off black” (??) textures.

    • Yea so if anyone has any ideas about the texture bleed or solutions let me know. I don’t want to go down from ultra since I like the graphics that way. I also use reshade to brighten things so maybe that is part of the issue unless the bleed is there with vanilla TS4 too.

  • What I am upset about is that the females are getting more items AGAIN it seems. Why even? Why can’t we get like crazy cat-sir/grandpa outfits? :<

  • The clothes are really ugly also I found that mostly of the items we already have. I am really disappointed. I will not buy something that I have from other packs.

  • Thank god Happy Haunts didn’t win if this much effort was put into this pack .I can’t help but look at these and think don’t we already have some of these or something similar?
    I’m not trying to be a twat but like wow lmao.

  • In the Youtube stream on Dec 16th they said different names for each of those that were listed to vote on. I think I voted for the wrong one because either they misspoke or it is mislabeled on here, DIY Delight and Cozy Craft Workshop were switched. :(

  • Some say that they’re really not so bad, and I understand that these particular designs are only in the concept art stage and may not be to my liking personally, but I really just don’t think any of this is jumping out to me. Again, no offense to anyone who does like them, that’s fine, I just personally don’t. Actually, I’d like a more colorful, funky thing. We just have SO many neutral tones and boring colors in cas as well as build and buy mode, and we should fix that. Personally I’d go for a more boho style, similar to the ones in movie hangout. Something bold and spunky to really stand out from the rest of the stuff packs, because we need something different and exciting.

    Sorry for ranting, love you sims ✌️

  • I personally like Granny chic, and I’m excited for any and all future packs. I’d love to see a “salon stuff” pack, with a bunch of trendy and wild hair styles with cool colors (might be a good pack to bring the color wheel in) and maybe a nail station where your sims can paint their nails.

  • I feel this pack will have a few / some items I like but it’s just kinda meh! I feel they tried to fit too many different concepts in one pack and it’s kinda ugly! Not to get me worng I will use some of the items but it’s not my favorite