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Features we Love from The Sims 4 Tiny Living Trailer

The Sims released a new trailer today for the next stuff pack coming to the game, titled Tiny Living Stuff! This pack is themed around the wildly popular tiny home build craze in the community, giving tiny homes more integrated gameplay and depth.

And for those worried that the Gurus have discarded our Arts & Crafts vote in favour of this stuff pack, you have nothing to fear! Tiny Living Stuff is not the community voted pack. The community voted pack is still in development.

With that cleared up, let’s dive into everything we’ve seen from Tiny Living Stuff so far! Here are some features we noticed in the trailer that we’re living for! Pun intended!

New Lot Type

This stuff pack will be adding a new lot type to the game, called Tiny Home Residential. This lot type has several gameplay mechanics attached to it to make it an engaging experience for Sims who live on these lots.

  • Players can only build up to a maximum of 100 tiles on Tiny Home Residential lots. This will provide a fun challenge for builders and ensure that players are not building mansions on this new lot type, which would defeat the purpose of the lot type.
  • Tiny Home Residential lots have reduced bills! Frugal Sims are sure to see the benefits of living in a tiny home.
  • Tiny Home Residential lots provide increased relationship gain! Naturally, your Sims are going to be closer with their housemates in a tiny home because they’re physically close to them all the time. Family-Oriented Sims will find tiny living perfect for building and maintaining close family bonds.
  • Sims get a comfort bonus on Tiny Home Residential lots! Perfect for Lazy Sims or any Sim who finds large living spaces a stressful hassle.

Tiny homes built multiple stories high were also shown off in the trailer so it looks like we will be able to build multiple levels up just like regular homes as long as the total tile count does not exceed 100. No word yet on whether Tiny Living Stuff will be coming with ladders or spiral stairs. None were seen in the trailer.

New Compact Furniture

In addition to financial, social, and comfort perks from living in a tiny home, Sims will also have access to an array of new compact, multi-functional furnishings that will help them save space and turn their tiny home from cramped to cozy. Just a few of the new items shown off in the trailer are:

  • Some new one-tile furnishings like a desk and dresser, which the game was sorely lacking in before so those will be welcomed additions.
  • A new entertainment unit that looks like a three-in-one multi-functional item. It has a TV, a stereo, and a bookcase condensed into a two-tile object.
  • Murphy beds are coming to the game! The murphy bed shown off in the trailer comes with a fold-up loveseat and shelf that can be used when the bed is closed, making this another welcomed multi-purpose object.

New CAS Assets

A variety of new clothes and hairstyles were shown off in the trailer, themed around a cozy, comfortable theme. Thick fabrics and casual lounge wear provide the perfect threads to curl up with a hot drink and a good book in your new cozy little home. Bookworms and Loners are sure to appreciate their new comfy wardrobe.

Possible New Death Type?

While we did not actually see a death happen in the trailer, the addition of murphy beds has us suspecting a new death may come along with it. In previous Sims games, Sims could die from being crushed by a murphy bed. The trailer appears to hint at this; a masculine Sim can be seen getting crushed underneath the bed while trying to open it and a feminine Sim is seen later in the trailer getting trapped inside the bed when it closes while she’s sleeping in it.

@SimGuruNinja seems to confirm this suspicion in a tweet made earlier today while answering questions about the new stuff pack.

What’s your favourite part of this pack? Let us know in the comments or chat with us on social media!

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  • I love, love, LOVE that the Sims team listened and gave us an unexpected pack with most of the items we’ve been asking for a very long time! I’m so happy and I can’t wait!

    • @Reese, me too! This looks to be like a very useful pack! The items will be great for those who have City Living as well! :)

  • I reeeally love this pack. I’m not really a fan of huge houses and I like it small and clear. I will enjoy this definitely.

    And also a huuge thanks to this site because you keep me up to date. Thanks for your hard work! ♥

  • While initially I was unimpressed, the multi-purpose furniture and Decades challenge potential of the style are warming up to me…just hoping the Murphy beds aren’t guaranteed to be dangerous? While I do think the potential of being done in by a bed adds an element of fun and danger to the common save file, I’d like to be able to reinforce the locks with Handiness or something so, say, my Sims of 3 real years don’t get squashed by me trying to save space in their college dorm.
    Also, the furniture in this pack goes together in a way that’s just really pleasant to look at. The patterns? The little accents? The way the colors actually match each other? Keep ’em coming