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The Sims 4’s Latest Update lets you Upgrade Beds


So you’ve finally picked out a bed that you really like but you’re afraid that it just won’t be enough to satisfy your Sim’s Energy Need in time? Fear no more because there’s now a solution with The Sims 4’s latest update!

The Sims Team has added a brand new “Upgrade” interaction branch on Beds, allowing you to add these following new features to your desired bed:

Massage Controls

  • Increases Energy Gain during Sleep and Nap interactions (requires Handiness Skill Level 6 and 4 Common Upgrade Parts)

Mattress Firmness

  • Upgrades the Mattress Firmness allow Sims to have more restful sleep and wake up in a positive mood (requires Handiness Skill Level 8 and 4 Common Upgrade Parts)

The Sims 4’s Latest Update lets you Upgrade Beds

The Massage Controls upgrade will make sure that beds, especially lower end ones, have their energy gain rate doubled. Of course, as the quality of the bed that you’ve chosen to upgrade increases, the upgrade will offer less energy gain.

This feature is useful for those who want to place down any bed of their choice but also make sure their Sims get their Energy need replenished in time.

With the Mattress Firmness upgrade, Sims will have a restful sleep with a +1 Happy moodlet that lasts for 3 hours each time after they wake up.

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