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The Sims 4: The Invisible Slot Filler Mod + Quick Tutorial

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Not all heros wear capes. Or maybe they do in the comfort of their own home and we just don’t know about it. Either way, the hero today is Reddit user Intern_Waffle as they’ve created an invisible item that will fill surface slots.

WHY is this such a great CC item? Although the Red Shelf Mod helps immensely for cluttering aficionados, sometimes you just want something a bit less time consuming. At a basic level, this Invisible Slot Filler means you don’t have to place, let’s say, 15 sets of books on top of a table just so you can finally raise one set up (using alt+9/alt+0) and place it in your desired clutter spot. Instead, you can place the invisible item in all the slots available on whatever surface you’re using, and then you can place whatever item you want.

Intern_Waffle’s item description reads, “Use this to fill slots on tables, allowing you to free-place items near them without having to worry about objects snapping to slots. You can try to remove them afterward if you want sims to be able to place objects (like on a counter)!

They also mentioned in their post, that this is a great item to use if you don’t want your sims to place an item somewhere!

[EDIT]* – This item can be downloaded from Intern Waffle’s Tumblr HERE.

See the little how-to video in Intern_Waffle’s original post below:

I made an "Invisible Slot Filler" object. You place it on surfaces to fill their slots, and then you can free place objects without worrying about them snapping where you don’t want them to! from thesims

Instructions, originally from Intern Waffle’s IMGUR, listed below:






Dag dag for now!

*Edited 1/24/20 to provide permanent link and website to download.

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