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Community Voted Stuff Pack: Round Three Voting Is Now Open

Voting has now begun for the third round of the new Community Voted Stuff Pack! This round of voting is all about choosing your favourite Create A Sim concepts based around the DIY Delight theme.

Not sure what the Community Stuff Pack is all about? You can find out more here.

Be quick as voting for this round won’t be open for long!

Click the image below to take you to the survey! 

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  • What a shocker the men all most. Get nothing agen. The men always gets the sh*t end of the stick. Lot of the mens stuff is crap in game no body hair no bulge not even a litte one. the men in game are ken dolls as man i think men suck in sims4

  • It is just horrible. For me it was difficult to find even 15 things. I remember when my mother was knitting for the family and we get gloves, French type hats,…Even a summer dress. And they were more fun but normal looking. The designs are just too naif. The designers are not too much into fashion.

  • I rather like some of the selections. I had 18 picked so I tried to not to pick items too similar to what we already have in game. I picked a couple of the male tops because I wanted some more variety for males in particular my elders. I also picked items that suited adults and elder women as well since I feel we have a lot of clothings that suit teens and young adults more. Toddlers didn’t really interest me much but there was that sweater too I thought would look cute for kids and the hoodie like too for toddlers was cute. I didn’t have space to vote for the kitty outfit with the fish which was adorable but I don’t dress my cats in game often enough to use a spot for that.

  • The hats were the most exciting part to be honest. A lot of the other items seemed too similar to what we already have in the game. Like, some of it straight up looked like Laundry Day, Cool Kitchen or Get Together concept art.

  • I decided to priorities the little ones since they rarely get anything. I know I voted for every option for toddlers and a few more for children. I made sure to get 1 men’s item since they’re always neglected with the younger ages. I would loved to pick some items which I thought were fitting for the elder ladies, but sadly not enough votes. I think we should have gotten more than 15. Maybe 20-25 would have been better.

    • You’re thinking of quitting a game, that isn’t even multiplayer, because a bunch of people wanted DLC that you don’t like? Seriously?? Just don’t buy the pack – save a few dollars, and keep the knitting stuff out of your game. Simple.

  • Can someone make a slow dancing mod or put it in a stuff pack. I’m tired that you can’t slow dance on a romantic date or wedding.

  • I hope they come out with a amusement park/ water park pack and I hope they have haunted houses and stuff and you can go to a water park with a lazy river and stuff that would be fun honestly come out with a theme park and water park ok thanks!!!

  • Can we have future sims like we had before what cars that the Sims 4can drive like we had for sims 3 and why don’t we object that have more points like some rugs are2 what spiral staircase like when had in sims 3and what about other career like we also had in sims 3.and grocery stores I really miss them pizza oven