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The Sims 4 Console: New Update + Patch Notes (February 12th, 2020)

The Sims Team has released a brand new update for The Sims 4 for Console devices – Xbox One and PS4!


Just a small update this time to address a couple of issues and enable the Maxis Curated filter on console. Not really a lot more to say so… erm… Here we go…

General Issues

  • Fixed some crashes that were occurring in Build Mode
  • The Maxis Curated filter in The Gallery will show the creations that have been carefully selected and reviewed and put in the spotlight.
  • We noticed that the pack detail pages weren’t showing pricing and sale information unless you went to the store pages. Now you can review the pricing information for the packs without leaving the game.

– SimGuruLegacy

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  • Is there a planned update for the error when completing tasks for the actor career and the final task for master vampire aspiration?

  • Previously I downloaded many lots and sims from the gallery on my iOS. When I started up my game, it took over five hours to load up my game just to let me know that an error occurred which froze forcing me to restart. Now if it was one or two times I would let it slide but twelve times in a row this happened. I uninstalled all 35-37 packs and reinstalled them all and finally had to delete my saves. After finally recovering the issue, I went to the gallery on my Xbox and started deleting downloadable content like crazy. I noticed about ten corrupted downloads and immediately deleted them. My question is could it have been those corrupted files that forced me to wait five hours? Could it be the Xbox one can’t handle much content? Thoughts???

    • My fences disapear when teying to add gates, my walls flitch when i want to delete them and i end up deleting the floornor stairs everything but the wall, so i have to restart the game for that to happen, my laundry day stuff has vanished (washing line and wash tub) ect r no longer in my list i have to search by pack in order for them to show

  • Had a bug yesturday where my sims wouldn’t carry on cooking had to move lots to get to work, very annoying when I’m doing the cooking career. On ps4

    • So is this update the cause of so many glitches I ran into yesterday after updating the game?
      One Sim won’t go jogging, she changes clothes, jogs for a second or less, then changes back.
      One Sim won’t finish cooking a meal unless I keep queuing her to “resume meal”.
      My toddler won’t eat, some type of glitch with the high chair and she wouldn’t sleep. I was at high risk for her being taken.
      When my Sims come home from work they stand outside and don’t care for themselves.
      I’m on PS4 btw

  • Can I ask something huge which I think lot of people are with me on this. Is it possible to fix the not being able to marry your sim if they have had long dead realtionship interests be fixed please.

  • would be cool if they could make it so the Sim can figure out how to move around objects instead of going through them, always kind of silly seeing a Sim going through a wall like its no big deal. Be familiar with its directions.

  • not mention how annoying it is when objects get removed from a build, especially after taking hours to create something and then objects are gone with no knowledge of what was removed.

  • My game crashed yesterday and placed every family I’ve been working with for the past 5 months in not in this world . I lost kisses.

    • Danggg well I’m having a problem where the sims game won’t save and before I found out it was a problem on sims end I thought it was my Xbox hard drive and then I factory reset my Xbox and basically lost everything but I’m glad I did lose nun on sims fr well.. I pray I don’t

      • I did the same thing and still was having issues everytime I save or travel. I’ve been refusing to travel just because it crashes 90 percent of the time and I got sick of playing the same part over and over again. It also happens every time I save now. I finally stopped playing for the last week or so because I was rage quitting sims. Sims is supposed to be relaxing for me so i play it when i dont want intensity or to rage quit lol. So i gave up until they fix that issue because i have lost hours in gameplay not to mention the 20 mins it takes to start every time it crashes. I’m hoping this patch will fix this though. Downloading today hopefully and trying it out. I love sims so much but its been really hard lately so I’ve just been playing skyrim. But i do plan on getting back on really soon because i do miss my families! And i love what they did adding the gallery. I really do appreciate they’ve been trying and they have added a lot of stuff, but I’m just hoping it gets fixed sooner rather than later because I miss playing my families!

  • Okay but there are people including me having problems with this message that won’t let us save our game
    “Save error code: 22” it won’t auto save either it kicks you out the whole sims game which makes it unplayable I’m tired of going on every site and saying the same thing i just wish someone will listen to me

    • Are you able to save now? I’m experiencing this problem with a “save bug”….I cannot save anything and it’s pissing me off. This is the only game I play to escape my kids lol.

    • Hey guys is anybody still having a problem with saving there games… I have Xbox one and it keeps giving me Error 22 and I can’t do anything… help please

  • My game has an issue with finding people’s builds by their game tags. Am I missing something? Or is it something that needs to be fixed?

    • Try making sure the drop box immediately to the left of where you type in their name says EA ID instead of item name or hashtag.

    • Everytime I put down the glass dance floor or see through glass from island living it glitches and makes the floor/ground completely disappear, showing nothing but a deeeeeep hole. I can’t move anything or anything while its like that unless I delete the dance floor. Sometimes I can place the one of the glass floors and it’ll be fine for about 40 mins then all of a sudden glitch out.

  • Any improvement on game loading times will be great. I spend more time loading between worlds and locations than simming. I literally doze off while waiting. Its a bit discouraging as I love the game. I’m on console ps4.

  • Seems like PS4/xbox are trash when playing Sims 4. No issues with laptop. Load time is merely 30 seconds when opening the game and while traveling worlds or to houses. No bugs or glitches that are notable.

    • I feel so sorry for you … The game on console has been great but we go to worse and worse every time… The thing that happened to me on January 23th was a total loss of ALL my library… And after 2 years I promise you it was really full of stuff I loved… Hoppefully for me it was not the saves because if I lost the saves I just stop everything there. Seriously that’s my biggest fear right now… I did a back up save on a USB key and paid again the PS + just to back up on the cloud everything… My advice for my fellow consoles players would be : Be careful and don’t play too much without back up saving until they really patch this mess !!! I love this game so much and it makes me sad to see others having to face deleted content so take care and be careful with your game <3

  • Why can’t I access all of the debug menu on my PS4 anymore even with bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.showliveeditobjects trying to find that stupid trailer thing!

  • My game is STILL crashing in buy mode when I go to search an item. Otherwise buy mode works fine. I’m pretty sure I installed the patch — when I go to update game, it says it’s updated. Is there a way to ensure that it is? Or to force the update if it isn’t?

  • Hi, since the new update my sims is always crashing in build mode or when I try to place a lot. It stops completely, closes automatically and goes to the dashboard.

  • Cant play 5 minutes without my game crashing it has been that way since i downloaded University months ago. Even after the newest update it is still crashing constantly. I own almost every add on and expansion pack. That is alot of money in a game i cant even play!

  • It is April 26 and The problem hasn’t been fix for consoles. I already lost 3 worlds. I stop playing for a whole week because it wasn’t saving cause of the stupid error : 22 and it was deleting my saved game whenever i try to save it. I’m back to playing. All good for the first few minutes till i try to save it again. THIS IS SOOOOO FRUSTRATING I SPEND SO MUCH IN THIS GAME IS THE ONLY GAME I PLAY AND NOW SPECIALLY WITH THIS QUARANTINED CAUSE OF THE CD19. WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO FIX THIS ALL YOU GUYS TALK ABOUT IS THE “NEW PACKS” but NOTHING REGARDING THIS ISSUE. I have reseted my xbox one and even cleaned out everything and deleted every single pack ( and i gave all of them ALL!) and downloading them again to my console. And still absolutely nothing. Sims is the only game that feels like therapy for me. And it’s been doing is getting me frustrated. Is not fair PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE PRONTO!!!!!!

  • EA needs to fix this error: 22 ASAP!!! I’m on Xbox and it isn’t saving or even auto saving I thought it was just me but a lot of console players are struggling with this. PLEASE. FIX. IT.