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20th Anniversary Special: Let’s Celebrate Modders & CC Creators!

Hello everyone,

The 20th anniversary of the sims has been a little bit controversial. People expressed their disappointment about the infamous hot tub on forums and on social media. Even the people who stated they did not expect anything special frowned upon that so-called gift. Whether EA / Maxis welcomes it or not, the vocal community of the sims is the best part of this franchise. Such passion, such resolve, such dedication must be rewarded. And it must be rewarded with something greater than a hot tub, as the community stated very clearly.

For this reason, I decided that maybe we should celebrate those who keep rewarding us with their creations without getting paid for it.

I want to thank all modders and CC creators on behalf of the community, for putting so much hard work and effort into enhancing our gameplay experience for two decades by now.

You deserve all the gratitude and praise in the world! I would love to shout out some of them like,

  • Scumbumbo (RIP), who passed away as I drafted this article, for creating so many mods not only for players but also for mod-makers,
  • Deaderpool, for MCCC and for the most helpful discord community I have ever been to,
  • KawaiiStacie, for Slice of Life and many other family-gameplay mods,
  • roBurky, for Meaningful Stories and teaching our sims how to control their emotions,
  • LittleMsSam, for numerous mods big and small that fixes many annoyances,
  • TurboDriver, for the personality and attraction systems of Wicked Whims Mod,
  • Peacemaker, SaurusSims, LuumiaSims, SynthSims, Wistful Castle, IllogicalSims, MLys, PlumbobTeaSociety, FelixandreSims, Darte77, Gorillax3, MMSims, Xmiramira, Ebonix & all other amazing CC creators for their stunning content whether it be clothing, hair or furniture,
  • Nraas, for introducing so many gameplay mods like better story progression to the Sims 3 to enhance our experience,
  • Numenor, for the sims 2 mods like color enabler package, any game starter and many more,
  • Pescado, for creating many ‘AwesomeMod’s and founding the PMBD, which was a bold move in favor of the community back in days,
  • Eric, for creating the infamous InSIMenator for the sims 2 back in days when we did not have so many alternatives, and of course for the insimenator forums’ drama,
  • Warlokk, Marvine & BeosBoxBoy (RIP), for creating custom body meshes for the sims 2 when we didn’t have diverse body shapes and sliders,
  • All websites like ModtheSims and TheSimsResource, for giving modders and CC creators a place to upload their work,
  • And of course, all bloggers like Lana CC Finds and MaxisMatchCCWorld, for reporting and collecting mods and custom content in a user-friendly manner,

Thank you all!

You all are amazing and we are forever in your debt! Not all heroes wear capes after all :)

PS: Everyone, let’s pamper them a little bit! Write all the compliments about your favorite Mod/CC creators down in the comments! Let us and them know what you like most about their work!
I will also check your comments every now and then to expand the list with the names I consider fit! Thanks for your contribution!


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  • Thank you creators!! The game wouldn’t be the same without you.. Also, does anyone know what happened to Scumbumbo? That’s so unfortunate

  • What a wonderful article and much needed! Hats off to all modders, creators and authors for taking TS to a whole other level!!

      • No credit to Pescado for countless bug fixes and mods for Sims 2 and 3, and for the utility to reduce excessive FPS in the Sims 3 so it could actually be playable? Not to mention AwesomeMod which fixed Story Progression in Sims 3. Surprising.

        Numenor was also influential for Sims 2, providing us the colour enabler package, slot enabler package and so much more.

        In surprised these two were not mentioned as they were very well known and helped pave the way for essential mods and fixes.

        • Hi Clara,

          Now you mention them, I remember! Indeed Numenor was influential for the sims 2! And it also reminded me of many many small applications like file maid, clean simpack installer etc… It is a shame that I didn’t mention them in the article, please excuse my memory since it has been quite a long time, I just wrote down the names off the top of my head :(

          I appreciate that you mention them hence their legacy shall be honored.

  • OMG The sims is a dead game without these amazing modders!!! Dude, I just added a mod that allows my male sims to automatically grow facial hair and shave. There is a mod called Road to Fame that is everything that get famous should have been. Omg, it took KawaiiStacie to make homework worth doing anyway. The sims need to be open sourced and handed over to modders or the Maxis team needs to put these talented people on the Sims team. #HireModders

  • Thank you to all the Gurus for all your hard work and the fun you provide. Thank you to all the mod creators for their hard work and for sharing it with all of us who cannot do what you do!

    Happy Birthday to the Sims!

  • Thanks to all of you. I also want to thank all of our Sims YouTubers especially. Thanks for reviewing theses mods and cc and giving the links to download. Some if them I would have never knew existed with out you.

  • Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe that CC creators were listed that were only around for a short time like PlumbobTeaSociety and didn’t list modders like Peacemaker who has been around for years – building for TS2 and making CC for TS3 and now TS4. When it comes to CC creators it always amazes me who people and sites like this one see as “important” to the game. The mind boggles.

    • Peacemaker is one of my favorite CC creators :) Thanks for reminding me, I’ve added him to the list!

      And also I would like to note that it is simply not possible for me to make an extensive list of everyone’s favorite CC creators, I just named some off the top of my head and I left it to you guys to write down your favs in the comments.

  • I used Lucas Custom Bedding Maker for Sims 2 and created many beautiful beds for my Simmies. All Around the Sims for her many, many, many clutter items!! And Inge Jones for content and mods!

  • Xmiramira and ebonix for adding diversity into the sims 4 so the sims community of color can feel more included and welcome

  • That’s a worthy tribute.
    RIP Scumbombo, you are truly missed.
    NRAAS and, later. DeaderPool, are my “can’t do without” guys.
    I’m sure others will mention some of my faves, so I won’t add to the clutter. So many talented people…
    On an aside, has anyone else been getting into the stop motion videos lately? That’s a whole different kind of revolution! WOW!

  • Thanks Scumbumbo. You are a huge presence in my games. You will be sorely missed. Thank you to all those who are committed to carrying on his legacy. Much love to you.
    And a shout out to Remus Sirion, whose richly sensual CC skins & clothing make my male sims hot as fire. <3

  • Honestly, these creators give so much life to the game! When I first started playing the Sims 2, way back, I loved it. But once I was opened to the world of mods and CC, I could never go back. Thanks so much to all of you for making the Sims stay alive all these years!

  • 100% agree with the OP!! Basemental, and I’ve told him this personally, has literally made my game and his content is at the core of my experience. It’s like it’s own game pack.

    LittleMisSam, the same, and I’ve told her this personally, she has put so much work into her mods it’s insane and it makes me feel good that she was recognized!! I don’t know how many hours of laboring, testing, and work she has put in but it must be staggering.

    WickedWhims, I think we all know why you weren’t shouted out officially, and that sucks for me but I think that you and the other talented modders and animators from that whole community should be right up there as well for enhancing the gaming experience. Your contributions are at the center of my romantic relationships and I’m able immerse myself more by expressing my emotions more ‘vividly’ and honestly. Thank you!

    Sacrificial also!!! I wouldn’t be able to take my anger out on digital sims without your help. Anger is a real emotion and can be good when expressed constructively and through the right channels so thank you for allowing me to do that in a fun and harmless way :)

    For the last two paragraphs above, it’s a shame that we as a society bash ourselves for the real emotions we experience and go through. Holding any emotion in is not healthy in any sense of the word and in the environment mentioned above I think it takes so much courage to put out things like that knowing that the majority of people will ostracize and attack you publically… even though they are probably using your content in the privacy of their own home! Man…

    Anyways, thank you Sovereign for writing this and recognizing modders and creators!

    RIP Scumbumbo.