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The Sims 4: Plans for Upcoming Content to be revealed very soon!

Simmers have been eager to find out what’s next for the world of The Sims 4, and it’s no secret that it’s been a while since we had a new content release for the game.

SimGuruFrost, Global Community Manager for The Sims has written on Twitter that The Sims Team is working on being more transparent regarding what’s to come for The Sims 4 in the coming period. He wrote:

I’ve seen some people asking about what we’re up to, and communication has been a bit sparse. So I’ve been working with various team members to have a cool blog post go out (hopefully) next week that you won’t want to miss.

This means that we should be expecting a blog post, probably next week revealing what we should expect for upcoming content for The Sims 4. We’ll keep you posted on what’s to come so stay tuned!

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  • It would definitely be awesome if you could play sims and have two people on different computers interacting in the same world.

    • Maybe on Console too. Kind of like how you can play Star Wars Battlefront with a friend but on different accounts.

  • You are stupid if you think to get cc or mods for Xbox or Playstation. It’s impossible. The consoles won’t allow downloads from anything but the Xbox store or ps store

    • Also people were asking Maxis to add CC and Mods to console. Its not a thing you download IN THE GAME! You need a browser for that, which consoles do not own. Its not a thing that maxis can allow. People are stupid, i know.

  • The new one is the stuff pack and it’s gonna give us knitting and similar stuff and as I can mention we’ll get rocking chairs. Happy simming and be well as much as possible

  • Sims need more hobbies and places to go, with things to see and do. This game is boring . This game is due for a huge scale FREE update too, like a more complex personality system with attraction. And inheritances , retirement homes for elderly , funerals , drama , etc.

  • Yeah, no CC will not come to console for a wide aray of reasons. Fall Out did it don’t get me wrong, but they carefully selected the content and there was not much. EA Sims allows CC, but doesn’t suport it they warn it could damage your game and/or computer. It would take time out of EA to go through content that they didn’t create to conform to xbox and/or ps4s rules. If you wanted CC you should have got on PC. I know some peoples access isn’t that great, but an xbox and ps4 cost 500 so a new laptop that can run it pretty well would be 400-500.

  • I remember a question so to speak some time ago where it asked if we’d like if our sims could own more than one lot, like more than one house. I haven’t forgotten that and really hope enough folks also said yes to that. Also, would be neat to see folks get more creative using debug items. *A crate makeshift looking house can be made, hint hint…

  • I’m am really hoping for a resort kinda theme pack. It could include snowboarding and other really coull things.I honestly really don’t want farming or anything supernatural related.

  • I think you should give us console players cc and mods because the game is starting to get a boring for me we need more clothes and hairstyles and more gameplay, and open world like someone is creating disney and it sucks that we can’t get it