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The Sims 4 had more players on PS4 than on PC in February 2020

SuperData, a Nielsen Company which is in charge of video game market research has published a report on most played video games in the period of February 2020. Although The Sims 4 is not in the Top 10 PC / Console games list this time around, the game has still managed to get some huge numbers during this month.

The report states that The Sims 4 had the biggest amount of players on PS4 in February 2020 thanks to the game being free for this period for PS Plus members. The game had a number of 2.5 million players on Playstation 4, beating the number of 2.2 million on PC.

A free giveaway of The Sims 4 for PlayStation Plus users led to the title’s console players outnumbering PC users for the first time (2.5M vs. 2.2M). The title has long earned the lion’s share of its revenue from the sale of in-game content, so the giveaway presented a low-risk way to attract new audience members and potentially convert them to spenders down the road.

– SuperData

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