The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile gets a Stay At Home Free Pack

The Sims Mobile has decided to gift its players with a new Free Pack to help out the players with Simoleons and new objects!

The Stay At Home Free Pack contains several items and tokens, including:

  • Germ-Away! Toiletries Rack
  • 12 Ply Dual Roll
  • Germ-Away! Soap
  • GUGA Console 15
  • 3,000 Simoleons

This Free Pack should be available in The Sims Mobile right now. If you’re not seeing it in your game, give it a few hours for it to be released in all regions.

You can claim it for free right now! The pack is available for the next 14 days, meaning that you have until April 29th to claim the pack.

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