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The Sims 4 Community Stuff Pack: Vote for Pack Name & Icon!

The Sims Team has just published a brand new survey where you can vote for The Sims 4’s upcoming Stuff Pack’s name and pack icon!

There are 6 pack name suggestions including:

  • The Sims 4 Knitting Rocks Stuff Pack
  • The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack
  • The Sims 4 Knitting Stuff Pack
  • The Sims 4 Rock ‘n’ Knit Stuff Pack
  • The Sims 4 Luv 2 Knit Stuff Pack
  • The Sims 4 Cozy Knits Stuff Pack

Among the suggested pack names they’ve also included 5 potentional pack icons that we can choose to represent the pack.

The voting is open RIGHT NOW and will last for the next 7 days. You can VOTE HERE!

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  • Lmao, some of those names are ridiculous. Knitting rocks? LOL! I chose knitting stuff. I was mixed on the icon but I ended up going with the last one pictured in the image about.

  • Who came up with these? Geez! I hope Nifty Knitting wins. Or even Knitting Stuff. The rest sounds like kids in 1999 came up with.

  • Luv 2 Knit? Seriously? That’s so bad.

    I voted for Knitting Stuff. That’s what the pack is and I don’t think we need a useless adjective, though I’d be fine with nifty if people insist.

  • My mum helped me choose as she knits all the time. Chose Knitting rocks and the icon of the ball of yarn and knitting needle going through it

  • all this effort into making this pack better be worth in the end. all the surveys too. The pack selections that didn’t get voted should be worked on regardless. More the merrier not so much effort into something that will bore the Sim Gamers within minutes. Big packs I hope are in the future and I mean Impressive.

  • My husband came up with “Knit This $#*t”, which is so perfect… Knitting Rocks Stuff sounds too much like Getting Rocks Off, so no…

  • I am so irritated the stupid knitting one won on that survey. Freakin stupid! Maybe make a realisms pack. Geez maybe the game developers need to look at some of the mods people came out with. Trust me most of those are way better than knitting and a rocking chair!

  • The best stuff pack we get out of this is….knitting. Of all the stuff packs to make we choose it to be knitting. Not Craft’s stuff, not Art’s stuff…..but knitting stuff. Don’t get me wrong I love to crochet myself. But, don’t expect me to pay $10-15 for a knitting pack. I barely wanted to pay for the washing machine pack know darn well most of these stuff packs can be put together to make one stuff pack.

  • Bruh some people are still salty as if the gurus had asked us to pick an EP or GP and not a SP. Again, some people keep forgetting that others play differently than them and likely chose what fit their gameplay. Not everyone is interested in supernaturals and like more gameplay that is more versatile for their gameplay. I’ve seen people who voted the tech SP idea very low but were saying it was better than knitting when they themselves had voted for knitting above the tech just so they can complain alongside the haunted voters. As they said long ago, stuff packs are meant to fill a niche. Just like stuff packs geared towards kids, for example, wasn’t popular with people who don’t play with that age group or families in general. To me, knitting seemed more of a stuff pack idea than the others especially haunted as that seemed more fitting for a GP as I highly doubt the complainers would’ve been happy with just one of the ideas going through (as that’s what would’ve happened). Just because it wasn’t your pick doesn’t mean “nobody” picked it, “nobody” wanted it and certainly doesn’t make you more intelligent or “not a sheep” because your choice was different as the latter two is quite a popular response by some salty members in this community. It’s just incredibly frustrating when people do that constantly when things don’t pan out exactly how they want and just can’t seem to help picking at others.

  • I cringed through that list. I wished they had asked for suggestions as there would’ve been some serious or creative but appropriate answers. Knitting stuff is well to the point but “Nifty” seemed a bit…better? As long as either wins then that’s fine but I think I’d laugh if another option wins but whatever. There could’ve been worse options…maybe? I thought the basket was cute.

  • I love to knit irl and id lpve my sim to knit too. Id go for the simple name, sims 4 knitting stuff pack and the basket icon.

  • First pack I won’t be rushing to purchase, or even ever purchase it possibly. Knitting? Ew. There was so many better options.

  • I’m really disappointed in this…knitting stuff what are we grannys? What were the choices before for the sims community to pick knitting stuff

  • I watch lilsimsie (hopefully some others do too) she wants all her fans to pic Luv 2 Knit just for the heck of it so yea i picked that and the yarn ball icon. I am pretty sure that Knitting Stuff or Nifty Knitting is gonna win though.

  • don’t get the pack unless you have older Sims and just stick to the art and stuff with your Sims if that made sence