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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: Official Reveal Trailer

After yesterday’s wind turbine teaser from The Sims team, the official trailer for The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack is here!

The pack releases on 5th June 2020 for PC/Mac as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think!

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Hey, I'm Krista! Long time Simmer and Sims Community Staff. You'll find me knitting a collection of Lil' Grim's because why not?


  • The city in this pack seems to be Scandinavian-inspired (at least to me) because i saw an aurora in the trailer and you only see those in Scandinavia

  • I’m very confused as to why they made this an EXPANSION PACK instead of a GAME PACK. I feel like I would buy it if it was a game pack, but now I’m not so sure…it just seems too small of a topic to be made into an expansion, plus we already had some of this stuff in Island Living and Tiny Living. Well, I guess I finally have an excuse to make Greta Thunberg in The Sims 4. (how dare you!)

    I really like how the world looks, and some of the cas items as well. And I’m happy that this pack is releasing for all platforms at the same time! Very exciting!

  • I don’t want to judge it before it comes out but that trailer really didn’t tell us anything other than corrugated metal wallpaper and candles. Like, it looks fine but normally watching a reveal trailer makes me super excited even if I don’t intend on getting it. But this… I don’t know, I just hope this made someone else excited.

    • Up until University I always defended the Sims team. But that EP that I had been looking forward to for years was so disappointing, and now this? Im very sad to say I won’t buy it.
      I’m sick of spending $40 every time just to get some semi+cool cats/bb and basic ass game play.

  • I’m not a complainer. I love most packs. I saw nothing of interest in this trailer. Much like Strangerville, one and done gameplay. Shocked that a Stuff Pack proposal became an Expansion Pack.

  • It looks nice and all but I feel like this, the laundry pack and the off-grid option should have all come as one, instead of so many tiny little things…

  • As expected, I am (once again) disappointed. Something that should have either been implemented better in the pack that it was introduced in (Island Living) or even in a stuff pack or game pack. But, no, EA decided it made more sense to make it an entire expansion pack. As others have said, the reveal trailer is supposed to peak interest in said pack. This trailer did absolutely nothing for me except make me even more angry at EA. While I think an entire pack dedicated to “Knitting” is a poor choice (it should have been included in either Laundry Day or a pack dedicated to family like Generations or Hobbies), the fact that THAT sounds better than an entire expansion pack is really saying something. Not sure why I am still hoping EA does the right thing. The Sims: Superstar came out in 2003 and offered three career paths: acting, singing and modeling while Get Famous, released in 2018, only had ONE active fame career. If that isn’t a red flag that I don’t know what else to tell you. They know fans are dedicated and are going to bite the bullet and buy this load of junkyard trash anyway, but not me.

  • I wasn’t sure about this from the concept, but it looks pretty cool actually! I like that your Sim’s actions have a direct effect on the world, it opens up a lot more story opportunities. Also: pause at 1:06, looks like ladders are coming back

    • Although I do really hope that said ladders are part of the next patch, not the expansion, because they really should have been included in Tiny Living Stuff. It feels like TLS itself was supposed to be included with this pack, too, but the concepts got separated at some point

  • I agree this should be a game pack instead of an expansion pack…but. I did see: hobbies, ladders, and did I see a hatchery? (Guy holds a baby chick)…
    Not keen on build items but any new hobbies or traits are welcome.

  • This does look interesting. Tho some of the animation and activities are clearly copies of other assets already in-game. Which brings the value for me down… all the same it DOES look neat. But not expansion-worthy.

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