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The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting: Rocking Chairs Preview

SimGuruConor has published a full breakdown on what to expect from rocking chairs that are coming with the upcoming The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack!

Welcome back to another deep dive into our upcoming community voted stuff pack, The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff. That’s right, thanks to you and your votes we have a name, and it rocks!

I’d like to remind everyone that game development is rarely straightforward. It’s really kind of twisty, and sometimes a little squishy, and it’s still early in the development of our new Stuff Pack. What I’m trying to say is, this pack is actively being worked on and the information below is subject to change. But enough about that. Let’s get started discussing today’s topic, Rocking Chairs!

You, the community, voted on what the rocking chair would look like. This was the winning design, in case you’ve forgotten.

And this is what it currently looks like!

Don’t worry, it’ll look more like the concept art once our modeler is done with it. This is what we call a “work in progress asset.”

As you can probably surmise, rocking chairs will behave like…rocking chairs. I know, how daring! So maybe we don’t need to go into explicit detail about how a rocking chair functions, but, suffice to say, it is a chair and it rocks.

So, let’s talk about some of the new gameplay surrounding rocking chairs, because that’s where our rocking chairs in The Sims 4 get really interesting.

Sitting in a rocking chair is quite relaxing for Sims, so naturally uncomfortable, sad, or angry buffs will diminish quicker. Sims will also gain a bonus to their Knitting Skill while on the rocking chair, so make sure you take advantage of that. Try building a “Knitting Room” with a rocking chair and a stereo playing Focus/Metal music to fully immerse your Sim in knitting knirvana.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Elders will have some unique gameplay with rocking chairs. While sitting in a rocking chair, Elder Sims gain increased friendly relationship gains with other Sims. Elders will also be able to Reminisce on rocking chairs, gaining a small amount of fun as they relax and explore their mind palace. If you’re playing as an Elder while they’re Reminiscing, you’ll be able to see glimpses into their mind swirl around them, similar to toddler’s when they play make-believe with toys. What Elders take away from the whole experience is up to their personality traits, but hopefully something pleasant!

Here’s an in development clip of the Reminisce animation, as modeled by this adult Sim. Since adults and elders use the same animation rig they share the same default Sim that is used to model In Progress animations in our animation tools.

Not only will Elders gain unique interactions with the rocking chair, but Children and Toddlers too. Both Children and Toddler Sims will have a Play With Rocking Chair interaction, where they can fulfill Fun motives by rocking in an insatiable furor. Check out this adorable, enthusiastic toddler. Where do they get all their energy?

We’d love to explore doing more with rocking chairs down the road. So, let us know if you’d like to see more rocking chairs in the future!

Now lets bring it over to the Lead Animator on our Stuff Pack, HaeJu Chung! We’re going to ask her a few questions so she can give us some insight into what it’s like to be an Animator on The Sims 4.

Conor: Can you tell us a little about what an animator does on The Sims 4?

HaeJu: Animators create the Sim’s unique movements that show them interacting with other Sims or objects. Every movement a Sim makes in game is individually animated by an animator using our animation tool on The Sims 4. We use our own custom tools that were developed here at Maxis specifically for The Sims.

Conor: What are some of the challenges you’re facing working on the Rocking Chair, and how do you plan to overcome them?

HaeJu: The rocking chair is a challenging object, we have never made anything quite like it before on The Sims 4. Sims on the Rocking Chair are able to perform existing interactions, like socializing with other Sims or reading a book, while the chair is in motion. Since we are using the existing animations for these interactions, I have to create the perfect sitting pose that will allow us to blend these animations seamlessly with the movement of the Rocking Chair. This may sound simple, but it actually is not. We make multiple animations for each interaction to give the visuals some variance – we call these animation loops – and some of the existing interactions, like socializing with other Sims while sitting, have many different loops with various hand movements and different angles for the Sim’s head, among other things. Figuring out the perfect pose so that rocking looks good and works with all of the existing animations we want to use requires a great deal of iteration and testing to get it looking just right. Once we have settled on the perfect pose then we can start making the unique rocking chair animations, including the Knitting while rocking animation.

Conor: Is there a specific animation for the Rocking Chair that you’re excited about?

HaeJu: Yes! There are Play With Rocking Chair animations for both children and toddlers that will be really fun to animate. We shared a clip above of the In Progress animation featuring the toddler. I’m looking forward to finishing these animations and seeing them in game with the final rocking chair model. It’s going to be so cute!

Conor: What is your favorite feature you have ever worked on in The Sims 4?

HaeJu: My favorite feature right now is the Murphy Bed in The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack. It was difficult to animate. Like the rocking chair, we hadn’t done anything like it before on The Sims 4, so it was challenging. I enjoyed taking on this challenge, and it was really fun to animate, especially the failure animation where the Sim gets squished by the bed.

That’s for all now! Please keep watching the forums, I’ll have another deep dive for you soon. Stay safe and keep gaming.
~ SimGuruConor

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  • You should make it where an young adults-elders can rock a baby. More rocking chair options should be available and please don’t make an add-on pack for this. Just include it in the initial drop of the game. We can wait for the release date.

      • YESSSS!!!!!And more life stages like it can’t be that hard? I also want intent toys and stuff is they and infants freedom. But there’s a LOTTTT of things I want so ill stop before it gets out of hand. But I rant on and on about all the things I would like to my simmer friend. And she agrees with me!

    • It’d be so awesome if there was a base game baby update directly before this pack comes out so we can rock the baby in the rocking chair. But I doubt it.

    • Great idea and agreed! Give us the option to rock infants and toddlers to sleep and do not use this idea as a money grab for another pack! Give it to us in this pack!

  • Can kids actually fall when playing with the rocking chair? I just want the satisfaction of saying “told you!” while also remembering my wilding young years

  • Would love if family members could rock a child or toddler especially if they’re upset. And also babies once released from debug. Anyways, the rocking looks rather soothing and smooth.

    • They’d have to release it to the basegame first and some for certain packs like outdoor retreat or get famous should have trailers. I guess if they do a racing stuff pack they could add a few cars there.

    • If there was a cars pack the best way to include it would be via a basegame patch and that its a completely different team so the development of stuff packs aren’t slowing it down if cars are in development.

    • Yeah. That’s kind of sad we still don’t have cars or horses to ride on! Like what the fuck? Also, why don’t we have bands yet?

  • I really like this type of post. It’s fascinating to understand and learn how much work goes into creating each animation.

    • Yeah it’s a lot of work, but it’s not excuse for not delivering to the Sims fans and loyalists (people who will not be defecting to Paratrash) the context that we need and deserve. Where are the cars? Where are the farm animals? Where are the thieves and burglars (the stans are TRASH)? Where are the firemen? Where are the music bands that should have come with university? Where are the fur coats? Where are the Asians themes and cultures? Where are the ownable pet birds? Where are the nursing homes? Where are the real life events that we expect the Sims to simulate? Again, we pay enough so there is NO EXCUSE!

  • I know it’s a big ask – but it would be incredible if they added an interaction where an adult or elder could hold a baby on the rocking chair … pleeeaaase! Something small to add some dimension to babies while we wait for other updates :)

  • Please consider eliminating the cost for various downloadable content for SIMS 4. I love the game but I had to give it up, simply because I cannot afford the hundreds of dollars worth of digital download content. The game otherwise lacks content and loses interest in players.

    • They aren’t going to make the packs free. People work on those for a living. At least they don’t have a Sims 4 Store. Like Sims 3 had so much content on the store, it’s incomparable with the packs released for the Sims 4. You could really lose a lot of money trying to buy everything for the Sims 3. Point is, nothing comes free. Even basegame updates are only “free” in the sense that you don’t have to pay extra for them. The cost of releasing them plus bug fixes, plus any new packs still in development come from the revenue of current packs. That’s the business model. Best I can advise is wait for sales.

      • This is true. They should at least consider fixing base game issues via free updates. However if they only release a series of stuff and exps fixing the Base issues, I’d buy every single one of them.

  • I think the team should have interactions for babies and toddlers to get rock to sleep or read a book that would be so nice

  • we discussing things for sims it’s all cool but let the sims do more like one graduations for sims in school not just college, realistic things summer breaks for the kids , kindergarten I got a list

  • Instead of making extended packs and things like that for the sims 4. You should focus on actually interacting with the sims them selves…. Actually moving the sim within the town and actually having the sims get into a car, bus or train ect and be able too walk and interact with their surroundings and other sims… Instead of clicking and waiting and loading then boom we’re magically there… It’s a little boring. I just wish there was a little more control with the sims then clicking and waiting……

  • How about an interaction to rock a fucking baby in the rocking chair?

    I mean, if you’re going to include something as unnecesary as a rocking chair, at least go all out.

  • The elders by the beach are adorbs ! Could we also let young adults be able to rock babies to sleep in the chairs or feeding them in the rocking chairs ? It would be cute to read to toddlers from the chairs as well, omg picture little toddlers sitting around the chair listening to grandpa !

    • They’ll be able to read to toddlers from the chair while rocking! Anything they can do sitting they can do rocking.

  • I want the babies to be more interactive and not objects. I also want better story progression. More hobbies and activities for teens , toddlers and children as well as for the elders. I want better accessories ,full body outfits ,shoes ,makeup , tops , bottoms. , hairstyles , etc…. for every sims. I want cars , farming and more supernatural creatures like werewolves and zombies. I want playable schools , better hospitals where doctors and nurses are active , I also want fire stations and better police stations meaning I want active firefighters and police officers. I want EA to stop bullshitting around and fix the issues that everyone of simmers have been complaining about for six years .

  • Hi, would you kindly consider to add stuff packs about small shops @ groceries? You can divide it into certain category, like in Asia, we have small chinese shops that sells snacks, sweets & popsicles, indian shops that sells all the spices & condiments, antique shops, or even a fortune teller small stall?