Eco Lifestyle

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle: New World, Lots & Households Video Overview


The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack comes with a new world with 3 different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a different preset Eco Footprint pre-set that you’ll be able to change up through gameplay.

In this video I’m showcasing all of the Lots, their sizes, premade Households and different Community Spaces and their presets!

Thanks to the EA Game Changers program for providing me with an Early Alpha copy of the game and stay tuned on our channel and website for more exclusive coverage!

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    • I love that there are apartments, but I wish there would be house boats as well, especially in the harbor area.

      • The house boats don‘t need to be functional, I just wanna have the feeling of living on a house boat! I doesn‘t need to move

        • I hope they add a vacation world with the ability to own motels and hotels. They could include houseboats that way if it’s more of an island living feel or granite falls. I think if they make them not functional it will frustrate more people like when strangerville had trailers that looked nice but weren’t functional. Hopefully they take that feedback and add them (trailers and houseboats) into the game. They could function like apartment shells if they’re not functional (trailers).

    • I kind of wish we got houseboats in Island Living but it’s still fine! I am so very glad we are getting new apartments that aren’t super high! When I first saw this pack I was skeptical of it but now I am starting to really like this theme. I might buy this when it goes on sale just because it’s a little pricey for a college student but I can’t wait to get this pack!

      • I normally buy packs on sale since EPs tend to go on sale within a month or so. Other avenues may have it listed cheaper for launch but don’t often beat the origin sale prices. I really do hope houseboats return to this game especially since they did well in making the ocean feel vast but I also hope they took the feedback from some of us simmers and upgrade mermaids like giving them similar power boards like vampires with some weaknesses.

  • Boo! We want a farming pack with cows, chickens, and horses and you can ride them. Nobody asked for this pack and it should have been a game pack. I am going to play Paralives when it comes out bye bye Sims!

    • Not everyone wanted farming. Some of these features were brought up before in a polling for voters so it wasn’t that unpopular. Quite frankly I’m sick of people who claim “nobody wanted” or “nobody asked”. Speak for yourself, not the whole community. Some people like this pack now that we can see some of the features, others haven’t changed their stance which is fine. You’re more than welcome not to invest in it and wait for paralives.

      • Unless the world is going to be large like Windenburg, farming could come in as a GP since we can do a lot with gardening especially with seasons. If it’s like past, horses would take up more of the resources than the cows and chickens. I don’t mind a farming pack if it comes but I do think it will be met with similar reactions as eco to a degree especially if horses aren’t involved.

        • I’d be down for that but I feel like the Sims would need to take a lot of time making functional horses and more animals. It’s kind of like how people really want babies and cars and preteens but it would take so much coding and they would need to add cars to old packs and clothes from old packs for preteens. This is why we are probably never going to get cars or preteens in the Sims 4

          • True especially since EA turned this mobile game into a pc/console when the engine makes it more difficult for the devs to work with and they had to start from scratch with several things so it takes even longer. That was such a bad call that negatively impacted the devs and players. I do think not many summers understand (or care to) the work that goes into creating each pack when some of them are so dismissive on the work cc and modders do. Babies will be difficult because they have to take into account the baby’s own movements as well as other sims and animation isn’t cheap which is one reason teens aren’t revamped.

          • (cont) I think cars are more of a possibility than adding preteens or shrinking teens at this point. Likely will work like sims 2. Less animation and cost that way especially if they go about bringing back garages and having sims drive off that way instead of actively showing everyone getting into the car. They were working on toddlers for a long time so that’s sort of the timeframe we have to look at for babies as it will be a free update not something for a pack so less resources and less time devoted as it likely lacks a deadline.

          • @Rene Exactly. I see some simmers that think adding big features are easy and just act like the Sims team is lazy. I guess I can see why they think that but they need to understand how hard it is actually making the game. And why the Sims 3 had cars and better babies was because they planned it before the game came out. This time if the Sims 5 is in development they should definitely be focusing and things these people want and kind of do it like the Sims 3.

    • Well we all what that Kara but some of us were asking for this pack and why should it be a game pack??and is you want to play paralives play paralives no ones forcing you to play sims

    • Paralives in still in development. Maybe wait until you actually play the game itself and don’t invest further into the sims if it’s a pack you don’t want. Para hasn’t even released an alpha or even a beta for you to see what it offers outside of marketing for “things sims 4 doesn’t have”. I’m more interested to see what it brings that will separate it from the sims franchise itself, not sims 4.

    • I probably will pick up a copy of Paralives when it comes out however, my concern is people set their expectations so high. I have a feeling when it comes out people are going to be very picky if stuff is missing. I hope not though, as the producers have put so much effort into the game so far.

  • I wish we could swim in any of the bodies of water (because my favorite thing to do is play mermaids and I’d like to be able to have them outside of one world for once and not keep putting them in pools) I would personally love that.

    Another thing I wouldn’t have minded was if someone chose not to clean up their neighborhood but decided to leave it polluted and filled with trash, that one of the side-effects of that was a risk of mutants from some toxic waste. I would love to have a cute little two-headed turtle or frog. Or, a kid who’s a cyclops lol. I would really add to that Armageddon storyline for some folks. Or, again, maybe just me :)

  • For everyone asking for farming and horses… there’s definitely going to be a farming and horse pack individually.

    I expect horses to be a game pack and farming an expansion. Sooo… that’s $60 just for the full farming experience, and if you want seasons and dogs/cats as well which are part of the same experience honestly, that’s + 2x$40 = $140 in total….

    Just so you know, Paralives will have horses, cats, dogs and weather from the start. Don’t settle for less for your hard earned money!

    • So para is going to have that and how well will it all function? The people who talk about para sure talk a lot about a game they haven’t played yet or even seen a beta or alpha version of the game. You’re more than welcome not to invest further into sims 4 but actually play para before throwing yourself on the railroad tracks for it. One thing para will do is hopefully decrease the toxicity in this community because yikes. I plan to play para but I’m definitely not getting involved in the community since no doubt the toxicity from the sims community will follow.

  • Don’t no why people are moaning about eco lifestyle pack your only judging by pics and news story’s I will definitely get it when it gets released on ps4 as I have every pack. The one pack I won’t get is nifty knitting as it’s not my cup of tea as I don’t bother with older sims I did do the community vote but none of the stuff i picked never got in. I don’t want farming we have had chickens once (sims castaway) plus can plant stuff in sims 4 some people has ha horses in the past the same goes for hotels you can own a business in done out why would I want another I can’t see the point. I won’t try paralives as I’ve been a devoted simmer since the sims game came out