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The Sims 4 Content Update has been delayed for tomorrow

SimGuruDuke has made an announcement on Twitter saying that the expected content update for The Sims 4 that was planned for today will be releasing tomorrow, June 3rd.

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  • then it’s clear now. that explain why there’s no update at 13:00’o clock in quebec. that you for the precision

  • Does anyone know what TIME the update will be out tomorrow? I live in the eastern USA, and would like to know what time I can expect it so I don’t miss it. I feel like I’ve missed an update or two.

  • Well I am not going to spend my 59th birthday and mine and hubbys 24th wedding anniversary waiting for the update. I guess I will be doing it on Thursday ready for the BIG day which is Friday and ECO LIFESTYLE day! If THAT gets delayed I swear I will HIT someone! Lol.

    • the game will not be delayed. update is delayed for blackout Tuesday. Even other game updates are delayed. This is protesting Black Lives Matter.

      • That’s speculation. The Sims team hasn’t mentioned blm or blackout at all. Don’t spread false stuff about it. They don’t care about the movement as far as I’m concerned! Wish they’d just admit they messed up and had to fix something or that it truly was in support because at this point people don’t know what to think!

      • What do mean they’re protesting BLM? I don’t believe that since they’ve always seemed progressive.

      • To anyone who is jumping on Jessica wondering where she heard this, it is all over social media, and a quick Google search will land you with the answers you’re looking for. Blackout Tuesday is there for us to take a step back and reach out to our communities in support during this time because many black lives are lost at the hands of police, the same police that are supposed to be here to protect our community. Emphasis on ‘supposed to’. A guru posted that while we use The Sims to escape reality for a perfect world… not everyone can do that.
        Ya’ll can all wait a day.
        Lives are more important than our materialistic needs.

    • Happy Everything. Also u n me both. I spent yesterday backing up my mods, cc n saved Sims files ( I always back up about once a month to a thumb, it saved me last year when Microsoft update crashed everything. I only lost on new saved game). So I could update today. I have spent 4 days building going I want door update now.

      • Whilst some of you may be disappointed at having to wait an extra day, imagine waiting for several generations to be treated equally and STILL having to bear witness to your kin being murdered for daring to demand their rights.

  • Bueno! Temía que mi cabeza no recordara bien el día de la Actualización! Esperaremos un día más (me muero por saber qué fue lo que demoró la salida y espero que no tenga que ver con “cosas” sin terminar o sin probar en el juego), no habría problema si todo va a funcionar bien después.

  • Reading some of these comments really makes me want to distance myself from this community (not specifically, but the “fandom” as a whole). It got delayed ONE day. Can you please stop acting like entitled brats for a second? It very well could have been delayed in recognition of #blackouttuesday. Or maybe something just needed fixed last minute. Either way, it’s time to grow up and stop complaining because you didn’t get a game patch on time.

    • Its time for the black ppl to stop complaining and stop protesting. its ridiculous. THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO IS BLACK

      • If you’re black, you’re an uneducated, selfish black person. How could you recommend the people, who have a similar phenotype to your own, to stop protesting against the fact that we are being killed due to our DNA. You’re a prime example of brainwashed. You are open and welcome to accept physical abuse in our society. No person alive, should feel threatened to walk outside their own home because of their physical appearance.

      • Obviously you said this to incite some backlash, because you really could not have in good conscience wrote that. I am guessing it’s all roses in your world. I hope for your sake you and your family never experience what happened to those individuals by the hands of racism because I am sure you won’t handle it well.

        • ^ exactly. I don’t understand how anyone experiencing racism could have wrote that shortsighted comment.

        • Just wanna know if anyone is having a sims crashing problem, since I re installed everything that’s my issue. Please and thank you if you do.

          • My game crashes after the june update too! I can get to the main menu and click my family and the whole things closes down!

  • Can we please stop getting into arugments over BLM in the comments please. This is supposed to be a sims update, and although I realize the rapid issue in the world, I do not want to discuss it on a sims forum.

    • The founder of this website acknowledges it on his social media, and he’s primarily a sims player. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the issues faced in the world you live and are playing the sims in. Stop acting like this is a fantasy. If you don’t like it, don’t discuss it. Period.

    • Just because you dont want to discuss it here doesnt mean it shouldn’t be addressed to the comment. I swear some of you just live in bubbles.

  • I have been having problems with my progress and builds getting deleted for no reason all my builds and play progress is gone it happens alot and idk why i contacted ea and did what they told me to do but didnt work..has anyone have this problem?

    • I wish. It’s after noon here but there’s still no update. I just want to find stuff in my sims’ inventories )-:

  • Some of us use the sims as an escape and don’t want to have political stuff in the forums… But as it’s already here.. I personally have no issue with the protest, if maxis or EA is choosing to hold off the update to be supportive, that’s fine I’ll wait, it’s a bummer but whatever today is just yesterday’s tomorrow I’m patient. If they are holding off because they boinked it up that’s fine too, we don’t want more broken things in our game, still fine to wait. I hope everyone is staying safe as the few ruin it for the many and I truly hope the rioters don’t cloud people from seeing the real issues the protestors are trying to address. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE should be able to feel safe. All lives matter equally. Sorry that’s how I feel, none of this I’ve suffered more stuff, no. I will not claim to know your suffering, but you cannot claim to know mine, everyone’s suffering is valid, everyone’s feelings are valid. I do hope the protestors are successful, I want the world to be a better place for EVERYBODY.

    • I understand what you’re saying but be careful saying “all lives matter”. That’s not really the point of this. This movement is specially focused on black lives and fighting against years of oppression and racism.
      Look at it this way: in a row of houses if one was on fire would you focus on saving that house or all of them because “all houses matter!” No, you would get water on the house that was on fire! It’s the same principle.

      I’ve read a lot of angry comments about this delay and it’s so disappointing. Some people really need to get some perspective.

  • I was looking forward to the update buuut I’m sure whatever the reason for the delay (blackout Tuesday or to fix issues or both) it was a good reason. The update is free so I’m not complaining if it’s delayed one day. It isn’t the end of the world and I’m grateful for the free update!

  • Don’t do the update! I was eagerly awaiting it! Did the update and then went to play it crashes, closes the game and then closes Origins too!

  • is anyone having problems getting onto the sims 4 today as i click to play and it just keeps crashing after the new update .

  • My game since the update has completely broken, even when i took out all cc. The update wrecked my gane. The gallery wont work, my game has no time and i cant click on anything.

    • Even without any cc or mods my game won’t even start whenever I go to the main menu, click on my save and try to load it my game crashes…

  • Does anyone know how to get their cc at least to start working again. It won’t even let me turn it back on. And I can’t for the life of me find the answer googling it.

  • Same crashing problem as everyone else. Can load one of my side games, but crashes every time I try to load the main one.

  • My game wont work after this update how can i get it to work again i tried to uninstall and reinstall and that hasnt worked

  • since my game updated and i dewnloaded ecolife my sim isn’t doing any commands, all my cc is disabled and i am using a new save file

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