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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestlye: Juice Fizzing Skill Guide

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The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle comes with two brand new skills for your Sims to learn. For this article, we will be taking a look at the Juice Fizzing Skill.

“Sims with this skill have a natural curiosity for the art of the fizz. Whether it’s a hobby or a side hustle, experimentation is key. These Sims can be found trying different ingridients and processes to hone their craft”

Using the Juice Fizzing Machine is easy. Simply have your Sim go over to the machine and Load Ingredients into the machine. You’ll be presented with a pop-up screen that will allow you to choose which ingredients you wish to add.

While you can’t mix and match different ingredients together, you can add multiples of the same ingredient which will give you more bottles once the process is completed.

Once you have added the ingredients you want, simply start fizzing!

The fizzing process does cost but it will also vary on the ingredients you use and how many you use as well.

It will take a bit of time for the fizzing process to happen but you can keep track of it by watching the green bar rise on the Juice Fizzing machines electronic display.

When the fizzing process is completed, the display will show a tick and the fizzing contain will show a blue light on the outside. You’ll then be able to collect your creation and also name your creation!

All of your creations will be placed into your Sims inventory. From there you can rename your product, throw it away, grab a bottle/jar, place in the world and add to favourites.

FizzEnthusiast Evaluation

To have your Sims Fizzy Products evaluated, simply head over to the mailbox, click on in and you should see an option to “Send Fizzy Product for Evaluation.” The best time for your Sim to send off a Fizzy Product is when they are feeling confident.

From there you will be given an option to send off any of the Fizzy Products your Sim has created. You can only do this once per day.

It will take a day or two for them to reply to you but your Sim will get a little notification with the feedback from FizzEnthuisiasts. Your Sim may be lucky and be a natural Afizzinado or your Sim might need to work on their skills a little longer.

Skill Levels Overview

Skill LevelUnlocked/Craftable
TwoExperiment with herbs, flowers and soybeans
ThreeCreate Seltzers
FourGive fizzing tips

Confident Sims can send their fizzy products off to FizzEnthusiasts for evaluation
FiveCan attempt to create Grimbucha.

Reward Trait: Afizzionado

Reward Trait: Afizzinado

For mastering the Juice Fizzing skill, your Sim will be awarded the Afizzinado reward trait.

“Afizzinados become focused while creating better products from the Juice Fizzer, as well as recovering from becoming Overbucha’d faster.”

The Juice Fizzing Skill is another great addition to The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle and is a great way for your Sims to earn a few extra Simoleons!

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  • This is a nice addition to the game !
    I wish i could sell them in a retail store without having them to spoil!

    • has to be a bug. A glitch. Real Life, bottled drinks won’t go bad for a long long time…maybe pick up taste of aluminum can. Not a glass bottle, though.

    • I notice putting them in the selling table makes them keep far longer. I can’t tell if the fridge works the same way because you can’t see how long the food has in inventory anymore! You might try the Lice Cold Retail Freezer to sell it (I haven’t tried this yet)

  • Hi. Where can I get the juice fizzing machine, because it’s not in any of the community lots or even build mode?

  • Hi, since Seltzer usually is just carbonated water I wonder why I can’t create it (my Sims has the necessary skill for it). What ingredient do I need for this? Don’t tell me I need a lump of coal. LOL

  • I’m wondering what the ideal mood is for fizzing. I thought inspired, because Maker aspiration gives you the Muser trait. However when I maxed the skill I got the trait Affizinado, which makes you focused while fizzing.

  • Hope this is the right place to post….
    – Is there a basic reason (something I’m not doing right or don’t know) that I put ingredients in, but can’t start the fizz–greyed out–and if I leave it and come back later the only option I have is to take back out my ingredients ??? I really want to make fizzy drinks, but I’m missing something……Can someone help? Tks!