Nifty Knitting

The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff to be revealed TOMORROW!

After months of community votings, polls, blog posts and more – the latest Community Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 called Nifty Knitting will finally be fully revealed tomorrow!

The Sims Team has shared a premiere page for Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack on YouTube. The pack is set to be announced on July 14th, 2020 at 5PM CET / 4PM BT / 8AM PT!

Stay tuned to our Nifty Knitting News Category for all the current (and upcoming) information regarding this pack!

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  • with all the work that went into this i hope it was all worth it. especially for a Summer time pack, even though Sims could of come out with something Summer related. I guess knitting clothes is a great idea. Instead of a Food and Beverage pack where you get to work in a Grocery store.

  • I honestly don’t get why every single simblog is excited about the “reveal” of a already announced stuff pack.
    There won’t be any new Info beside the release date until the pack comes out.

  • Not excited. This pack is probably going to be filled with bugs and glitches just like the most recent expansion pack. Hard pass on this one until they fix the issues occuring in the game! Anything being put out by the sims team while they are not working in their usual offices make the content being put out more prone to bugs and under developed features in the game. Thanks but no thanks.

    • Yes, they should get over this whole global pandemic thing and get back to entertaining us in our homes because that’s what really matters: Video games.


  • I’m only mildly interested in most of the stuff in this pack, but I’ve wanted a rocking chair in my game since day 1 in Sims 4, so I would have bought it just for that… but then I found out about the METAL STATION they’re adding. This will be the first stuff pack I’ve ever purchased on the day it was released. Oh YEAH!

  • I’m hoping they fix the bugs before this pack comes out. As much as I want to get this pack, I don’t want to boot up my game only to encounter more crashes and bugs.

    • I was looking forward to this, but until they fix all the many bugs and glitches Eco Lifestyle & patch brought on, I will wait. There are too many issues making the game annoying and/or unplayable, and we’ve had to rely on Mod Fixes to fix most of the very MAJOR glitches. Some major ones are still not addressed.

      How is it that Zero and Simvasion’s mods have been able to fix most of the NAP issues but The Sims team still hasn’t addressed it in the patches? I truly regret buying Eco Lifestyle – not simply because of the glitches but because it’s been over a month since release and The Sims team has done nothing to address the glaring bugs. I can only imagine Nifty Knitting will also be full of bugs that won’t be fixed for months, if ever.