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The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting: Lord/Lady of the Knits Aspiration

Presented by EA Game Changers

The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting adds a new aspiration to the game; Lord/Lady of the Knits. This aspiration is listed with the other creative aspirations in CAS and comes with the Muser trait like the other creative aspirations do.

The Lord/Lady of the Knits aspiration has four levels:

Humble Knitter

  • Knit for 5 hours
  • Start knitting 3 projects while Inspired
  • Knit on a Rocking Chair

Thread Setter

  • Achieve Level 4 Knitting Skill
  • Knit while listening to Music
  • Sell a Knitted Object on Plopsy

Dream Weaver

  • Complete 10 Excellent Knittables
  • Successfully Gift 3 Knittables
  • Achieve Level 6 Knitting Skill
  • Successfully Show Off your Knitted Sweater to another Sim

Lord/Lady of the Knits

  • Donate 5 Knitted Items to Charity
  • Achieve Level 10 Knitting Skill
  • Complete 5 Legendary Knittables
  • Teach another Sim to Knit

Completing the Lord/Lady of the Knits aspiration will award your Sim the Sacred Knitting Knowledge aspiration reward trait:

Sacred Knitting Knowledge: Sims with this trait gain enhanced benefits to teaching other Sims how to knit. Sims are also immune to the foul magic of the Sweater Curse, and can dispel afflicted Sims from its snarly grasp. Lastly, Sims have the ability to craft unique knitted items, like a very special companion from a strange land, or the Forbidden Sweater which, honestly, is forbidden for a reason…

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  • Teach another Sim to Knit – does anyone has any idea how to complete it? I teach Sims but I don’t understand – do I need to teach them until they reach level 10?

    • I just completed it. I invited my best friend over and one of the social interactions was “teach to knit”. I’ve been able to do this interaction since at least level 6, I didn’t try it before then. I just let my sim teach her until they stopped on their own, with autonomy disabled. That completed that part of the milestone for me.

    • Nevermind, I went to my inventory, clicked on the sweater, chose “add to wardrobe”, went to the mirror, chose “plan outfit”, found my sweater and made it part of my every day wardrobe, invited a friend over, and one of the social interactions was “show off knitted clothing”. Since it was legendary and it was my best friend, the action didn’t fail and I successfully showed off my sweater.

  • I’ve gifted many legendary knit items to best friends and still haven’t been ‘successful’ at gifting! is there a secret?