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The Sims 4’s Future Cube is giving out New Content Hints

You might have heard about the Future Cube speculation mill that started rolling a few months ago when SimGurus started tweeting out cryptic hints for Simmers to check out the Future Cube object in The Sims 4.

Basically, what The Sims Team has done then is that they’ve added a new interaction on the Future Cube called “Ask About Future”. This interaction included some cryptic hints related to, what’s now confirmed to be candles from The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle, Ladders from Eco Lifestyle’s Base Game Update and Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack.

  • Self-organization will be key to a happy future.
  • Your future is… not bright, but illuminated… probably to an intensity of 0.981 candelas.
  • The threads of your future knit together in a wave of darkness.
  • Climbing to the top one rung at a time!

Just a few moments ago SimGuruGeorge has tweeted out a picture of the Future Cube, probably hinting for us to check out the Future Cube for some new answers.

Interestingly enough the Future Cube now provides new answers that seem to be hinting at possible new content coming to the world of The Sims 4.

For this specific reason I went to the text string files of The Sims 4 to see what’s specifically updated and I can confirm that the developers have removed previous hints for content that’s been released and added these following ones:

  • Side by side. Sure. Spaced out. Yup.Stack ‘em up? Hmm.
  • The most popular destination to elope is not yet known.


Some of the same hints have also remained on the Future Cube, such as:

  • I see a gnome wielding a frozen rabbit riding atop a llama into battle against an udder’ly impressive foe.
  • Without a doubt, that thing we talked about will come to be, as all of the signs are pointing to the answer that we agreed upon in our last discussion.
  • Your uncertainty, certainly shall become certain, under certain situations in no uncertain terms.
  • The future is soon™.
  • Your future looks pixelated.
  • Somebody is definitely going to get exactly what they want.


What’s your guess about the new content that The Sims Team is hinting at? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Well the new Gamepack will be something they never done before, so a future pack can’t be it right? They had that in Sims 3. Still kinda exciting. I actually got no Clue what these hints could mean. I hope they soon say more about it! I know we got a pack some days ago but I’m still excited what they’re working on :D

  • “Side by side. Sure. Spaced out. Yup.Stack ‘em up? Hmm.” I’m sure is the update to window placement
    “The most popular destination to elope is not yet known.” Is the Spark’d wedding challenge

  • I think the “stack em’ up” is definitely bunk beds. “Somebody’s getting what they want” screams robbers to me. The “thing we discussed” & “pixelated” makes me think about babies. So all this & referencing eloping & the future points to a family/generations pack. The gnome scene could be a teens bedroom poster.

  • The first part about stacking them up or spacing out sounds like bunk beds. The second part sounds like snowmobile on snow. First reading and the second reading is reading like a ski lodge. But battling foe sounds mid evil stuff. But then again. May it could be ski lodge, castles, or country living or maybe something about motorcycle. We need more hints.

  • “I see a gnome wielding a frozen rabbit riding atop a llama into battle against an udder’ly impressive foe.” sounds like Spark’d, since each one of those is a team name and they “battled.”

  • “The destination to elope” sounds like we might finally be getting an actual vacation spot for our sims. There hasn’t been a proper vacation pack since Sims 2. I definitely think the “stack em” one is about bunk beds, and the one about the gnome riding a llama and “udder’ly” sounds like it could be that farming expansion everyone wanted.

    • There’s not enough farming related stuff left to justify an EP after Seasons n Eco n Nifty. Would prefer a really good GP if they go for that. Def shear your own sheep and spin your own wool a la Soya wax.

  • Hoping the most popular vacation spot is not yet known because a new winter mountain holiday world is about to roll out!

    Stack ‘em up…bunk beds? Maybe? Maybe?

    And if it’s not bunk beds the someone is going to get what they want hint is likely to be about babies again. Although I’d prefer an all out Generations EP. Or at least a high school GP n more for elders…Nursing home GP anyone? XD

  • My guesses are:

    “Side by side. Sure. Spaced out. Yup.Stack ‘em up? Hmm.”
    –> Bunkbeds

    The most popular destination to elope is not yet known.
    –> the new gamepack could be a new vacation spot and weddings and houneymoons could be connected to the vacation spot.

  • Anyone else think the “ Somebody is definitely going to get exactly what they want.” could be about naming cow plants since lilsimsie has been asking for that for FOREVER and they finally added it???

  • “Side by side. Sure. Spaced out. Yup.Stack ‘em up? Hmm.”

    I wonder if this could be applied to apartments? Or even lots? So you can actually have different properly functions venues on one lot, that might include residential?

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