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The Sims 4 now has more than 30 million players!

EA has released their Fiscal Year 2021 report for their first quarter which lasted from April till July 2020. In this report EA states that they’ve had one of the strongest quarters yet, with The Sims 4 also breaking a record for a first quarter of their fiscal year.

In their earnings release they’ve stated that The Sims 4 has generated more than 30 milion players life-to-date across all platforms including PC and Consoles. The amount of active players total has also reached a record high for this quarter.

You can read the full report for The Sims down below:

  • The Sims continues to resonate with more players around the world. The Sims 4 now has more than 30 million players life-to-date across all platforms, and daily, weekly and monthly active player totals in the game all reached record highs for a first quarter. Our Sims mobile games had an excellent Q1 as well. The creative and inclusive nature of The Sims experience on any device is truly unique in all of gaming, and we’re especially proud of the way it helps players find community and express themselves during culturally challenging times.
  • Players in our communities for The Sims, Apex, Star Wars and more are building relationships through our games, and we expect them to be with us for a long time to come
  • We also just launched The Sims Spark’d on TBS and Buzzfeed, our first-ever reality competition TV show. Seamlessly integrating entertaining player stories and gameplay, alongside weekly challenges for Sims 4 players, it’s an entirely new and unique way to create competition. It shows the innovation we can bring to the esports space with our franchises, and we’re very excited by the fan reaction to date.
  • Engagement was broad-based, with net bookings for live services at extraordinary levels for FIFA, Madden, Apex Legends, the Sims and our mobile titles.
  • Live services & other net bookings were $1.103 billion, up $416 million from the prior year. This extraordinary result is a consequence of the years of work we’ve invested in building teams, processes and content for our titles, which delivered strength across our portfolio. FIFA, Madden, Apex Legends, and The Sims all grew very strongly.
  • FIFA Mobile, SimCity, The Sims Free Play and more all showed growth of a similar magnitude.

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  • That’s good, but also unfortunate. A larger audience means EA is able to abuse their position more. In other words more dlc concepts spread out across multiple packs. At the same time if there weren’t that many players playing the game EA would likely just scrap the franchise as a whole so there really isn’t any winning.

    • Completely agree. I think the only pack I’ve been impressed with was get together. The packs released this year have been less than abysmal!

    • Still annoys me that EA made the bad call about the engine. Everything fell apart because of that one big decision. And the fact that they don’t compensate with bigger resources for DLCs make it worse. It’s always the ones not physically working on the game itself that love to make decisions like that which screws everyone (gurus and consumers) over because it’s all about profits. It’s not like the gurus can even tell the whole truth I mean it’s just recent in this installment that they were allowed to be more honest about the limitations EA caused. We would probably get a tell all of it wasn’t career suIc*de. EA can not afford to do that with TS5. It’s a “forgive able” offense one time but twice would destroy the franchise.