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SimGuru shares vague The Sims 4 Teasers

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There’s a lot unknown revolving The Sims 4 at the moment.

First off, we had the mysterious The Sims 4 Game Pack icon that was accidentally leaked by Many have speculated that it could be revolving around Star Wars or around Winter Activities.

Throughout the last couple of days SimGuruGeorge has been posting some vague teasers that seem to be giving at hint at future The Sims 4 content. It all started with George sharing nothing but a screenshot of the Future Cube, which we figured out to be containing two new hints:

  • Side by side. Sure. Spaced out. Yup.Stack ‘em up? Hmm.
  • The most popular destination to elope is not yet known.

Then, he vaguely shared a screenshot of the Chef Pig sculpture:

I went into the game to see what the object Porc du Jour is all about:

Enlist the services of a charming personal chef, Jolly, generously proportioned, this friendly companion has an appetite for finer morsels. Indulge him by writing on his ready little slab. Then wipe it clean and start afresh, for another day full of delights.

Screenshot 175

The other teaser by SimGuruGeorge that was just recently shared out was a screenshot of the Viney League Encased Scrolls:

As pointed out by the community member @EvanLe24, the screenshot above also contains 3 small words that have been hidden inside of the screen: mystery, hint and hidden.

I did a quick check in the game to see the object description which reads:

Give your degrees gravitas with this fine display. No diplomas necessary – we’ve already included some for you!

SimGuru shares vague The Sims 4 Teasers

These teasers, at least at this moment, seem to not be making a whole lot of sense. However, George did confirm that this won’t be the last teaser shared out:

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