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SimGuru shares vague The Sims 4 Teasers

There’s a lot unknown revolving The Sims 4 at the moment.

First off, we had the mysterious The Sims 4 Game Pack icon that was accidentally leaked by Many have speculated that it could be revolving around Star Wars or around Winter Activities.

Throughout the last couple of days SimGuruGeorge has been posting some vague teasers that seem to be giving at hint at future The Sims 4 content. It all started with George sharing nothing but a screenshot of the Future Cube, which we figured out to be containing two new hints:

  • Side by side. Sure. Spaced out. Yup.Stack ‘em up? Hmm.
  • The most popular destination to elope is not yet known.

Then, he vaguely shared a screenshot of the Chef Pig sculpture:

I went into the game to see what the object Porc du Jour is all about:

Enlist the services of a charming personal chef, Jolly, generously proportioned, this friendly companion has an appetite for finer morsels. Indulge him by writing on his ready little slab. Then wipe it clean and start afresh, for another day full of delights.

The other teaser by SimGuruGeorge that was just recently shared out was a screenshot of the Viney League Encased Scrolls:

As pointed out by the community member @EvanLe24, the screenshot above also contains 3 small words that have been hidden inside of the screen: mystery, hint and hidden.

I did a quick check in the game to see the object description which reads:

Give your degrees gravitas with this fine display. No diplomas necessary – we’ve already included some for you!

These teasers, at least at this moment, seem to not be making a whole lot of sense. However, George did confirm that this won’t be the last teaser shared out:

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  • 1. In the leaked icon screencap there’s also a new free stuff icon
    2. The scrolls picture he posted on twitter has the word “hidden” edited into the wallpaper, the word “hint” on the baseboard, and the word “mystery” on the scroll. Zoom in!
    3. My guess is definitely a livable/workable space world/pack lol but knowing the sims team it probably won’t be. Additionally, with how its a “major first” or whatever I can definitely see it being a Star Wars/Sims crossover pack

    • The “new free stuff” isn’t new, it’s the family portrait from awhile back you got if you downloaded sims mobile I believe.

      • I did hear they would be collaborating with disney on a new pack. If its a Star Wars pack then I guess it makes sense. Won’t be buying it though. Very disappointed.

    • I love Star Wars but I really hope we’re not getting another Star Wars content drop. Kind of requires an immersive experience – May as well play SWTOR. I’d be interested in a Sixam/future stuff type game pack though.

  • Personally I think they should just stop playing these games, because if it’s true and they are making a GAME PACK about Star Wars, Eco-lifestyle will have been the last last pack I purchased for The Sims 4 and honestly she’s not a bad pack, so she’ll reign in honor.

    • It’s probably an easier way for them to acknowledge or hint at things that won’t interfere with the marketing team. It’s what they’ve done in the past but before they would deny the hints such as the ones for toddlers, seasons and pets. The guessing game is fun for some as with all things.

    • I completely get that not everyone is into Star Wars, but I’d loveeee the force and lightsabers and light and dark side in the game. Even so, it’s way too much for a game pack if they actually wanted to make it good, but the past has shown us that EA aren’t really bothered by pack quality…

    • Look, i just really hope it /isnt/ star wars honstly. Like come on man, I’m STILL waiting on werewolves or fairies to come back. At least the winter resort idea is better, or at least somethint magic/fantasy.

  • Future/Space themed; due to the following keywords:
    Not yet known (unknown)
    Future cube(self explanatory)
    Wipe clean( if you remember sims 3 you can either create a utopia or dystopia)
    Gravitas(gravity-yes I know what it really means)
    [redacted] (government coverup)

    • there’s always one
      Kellie, don’t get me wrong. I do too and I agree with you 100%, but read the room. It’s clearly not one of those and for once, can we not go into the “I want this” and “we want that”.
      This website also has nothing to do with the official sims or ea.

    • People need to stop getting their hopes up saying like: “This could be open worlds!” or “OMG IT MUST BE CARS” because we aren’t getting those in the Sims 4

  • I feel like it’s a new vacation destination. Something in the mountains or the Alps. Maybe something stylish and with more upscale lodgings than Granite Falls? Ski lodge in the Alps? But that clue, “give your degrees Gravitas”. Gravitas is dignity or solemnity in Latin. Something serious. So, “Give your degrees dignity” ???

    New careers? New degrees? PRIVATE SCHOOL!!?? A fancy new mountain town with private schools?!

    I just hope it’s a new world/town. That would be fun.

  • Well it’s a pig. Maybe still farming? JK. I know it’s not but I still have no clue. I feel like space would be too obvious but idk xD

  • I got a new phrase I haven’t seen posted before from the Future Cube: “Bleak. It all just looks so bleak from in here.” From asking about the future.

    I wonder if it’s a dome. The Viney League Diplomas has three light sources on the glass no matter where you put it.

  • The scroll image has a down arrow, possibly to say “scroll down.”
    I wonder if the message is to look closer at the pig image. There is some weird pixelation in that image, and one of the future cube messages was about the future looking pixelated.

  • First set of clues talking about elope destination. Pleny of places. Ski lodge, Los Vegas, or Disney land. The second set. The svrolls are criss cross like ski. Or the scrolls could mean the time of knights and dragons. You don’t elope in Star Wars. Cubes can be cars also. Cubes can represent also work places. Scrolls can represent some kind of a dregrees. But everything could represent a westren theme too. Winter theme you got skis, lodges, bunk bed, ski slopes, gravity can represent ski lifts. Gravity can represent amusement park rides too or airplane. Maybe an airport. Cause you can travel to Europe or other places to elope. Has anyone seen anybody elope in Star Wars. Cause I haven’t I fell asleep on every Star Wars movie. I stayed awake on Star Trek and no one elope there either. Las Vegas has chruches where you can elope to. We need better clues. But get Star Wars out of you alls heads. That will cost more money that won’t be worth playing. When sims was on Facebook there was winter wonder, and dragons and you could make milk shakes. Plus they were added to sims game packs on the PC. Then you Italian pack of Facebook for sims to make pizza and pizza brick over to cook with too. You can do way better with your clues by making it more fun.

  • I love star wars but I really hope the pack is not about it. Even if it is about it, I hope it will be scentific rather than fantastic, cause I never play non-realistic packs.

  • I have to wonder if it’s a world similar to Oasis Landing from S3. We already have robots and aliens… Then again, I hope it isn’t. I’m kind of done with rehashed packs (one’s that aren’t essential, imo, like Parenthood) and they could’ve done that with Sixam, that said, even Star Wars doesn’t mesh well into the Sims-verse to me.

    I miss when they made their own lore, but no offense to those who want it of course. Just getting tired of lackluster stuff/game packs, honestly. I also agree with Melzahnee, a new town would be welcomed too. :)

  • Can we make high level scientist sim create super nuclear power generator from Utranium or Blutonium? Even if it Tiberium is ok.

  • Does anyone remember the “Pigs in Space” bit from The Muppets? That’s what that pig reminds me off.

    Ugh, I REALLY hope it isn’t space themed…

    • At this point it’s looking like its going to be a space pack. Unless it’s a Into the Future type of pack it’s most likely space.

  • I had a thought what if it’s a Disneyland theme park pack! It’s a bit crazy bit the main clue from the ‘8 ball’ says the favorite destination to get married isnt revealed yet and you know how much people love getting married there to the point tha they have a show about it! The pig gives a ‘be our guest vibe’ and they are rumored to be collaberatiting with Disney hence the baby Yoda and Yoda costumes for kids, also the icon would make sense because it could be the star wars location at Disneyland that’s there newest and most exciting attraction its definitely something theyve never done before, a theme park. Food for thought lol

  • I might be delusional, but I think there’s a new interaction if you click on a computer. It says “listen to rocket launch” or something. I swear I’ve never seen it before. A clue? Confirmation of a space pack?

  • Side by side. Sure. Spaced out. Yup.Stack ‘em up? Hmm. – Modular Buildings
    The most popular destination to elope is not yet known. – Visit the future; i.e. The future is not certain.

  • I’m a big star wars fan but I would not be buying a star wars pack. It’s just not the sims. Especially for me bc i love family related gameplay. personally i hope its a ski lodge or just a new vacation pack. let me know if any of you are star wars fans but not fans of a star wars pack.

  • I feel like I have a clue to what they are hinting. I am probably wrong but like in 2018 remember when they announced 3 packs at once. Maybe they are doing this now. The pig might mean farming, the future cube might mean an into the future type of pack and the scrolls might be some advantage pack? I know there was a leak for an icon but maybe they might announce 3 packs considering how random those 3 objects are.

  • Pig .- hog – Hogwarts
    Scrolls – quest or education
    Future cube – Luna in H.P. – answers questions/influences decisions
    ? A new degree at uni. Fortune telling or a degree for spellcasters.
    ? quest like stranger ville to grant you powers to create fairies and warevolves.
    Wizards of Waverly owned by Disney; A spellcaster family owns a cafe.
    Think outside the box. I may be wrong but what if…