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Theories about The Sims 4’s Next Game Pack

Yesterday accidentally revealed the icon for The Sims 4’s upcoming Game Pack, which you can see down below:

Considering that this might be one of the most vague icons in The Sims 4 series there are already so many theories out there speculating what the next Game Pack will be. Right now we have some official information from The Sims Team that they’ve shared. Let’s begin with the future cube:

  • Side by side. Sure. Spaced out. Yup.Stack ‘em up? Hmm.
  • The most popular destination to elope is not yet known.


We also have some vague information from the 6-month Roadmap that The Sims Team revealed back in April 2020:

Another group on our team is currently focused on our next Game Pack. This pack is a major first for us, and we are super eager to share it with all of you later this year.


Twitter user @Millow__ also made a high quality recreation of the next Game Pack icon, which you can check out below:

The theories already began all over the community! Although there are so many guesses and we won’t know for sure what the pack is all about until it gets revealed, the two popular theories seem to be taking the lead: Star Wars / Space-themed Game Pack and a Winter Vacation-themed Game Pack.

The theory about a Star Wars themed Game Pack is circling around because of the “3 suns” in the Game Pack icon, which is a known thing for the world of Batuu, a fictional world inside of the Star Wars universe.

The Sims Forum member EliasVersace also made an icon comparison of what the Game Pack icon could be referring to:

The other theory is a Winter Vacation type of Game Pack. It’s known that The Sims Team has been thinking about this idea from their January 2020 Survey, where they suggested certain Snow Activities.

The Sims Forum Member onverser also made a suggestion of what the icon could be referring to, which is a snow cabin, 3 snowballs on the top and a snowy mountain next to the side:

There are also some other theories circling around the community but we won’t know for sure until the pack gets revealed.

Considering that The Sims Team’s 6-month roadmap was released back in April 2020, we could be expecting this game pack to be announced and released by the end of September 2020!

What do you think this Game Pack is all about? Do you agree with the theories? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Okay hear me out. The three different symbols or figures in the icon could be like three different distinction spots? Like TS3 world adventures had three different locations to visit. Like the balls could represent space travel, then there’s the mountains (rock climbing and hiking?), and I don’t know what else the building shaped figure could represent. But maybe? I’m just hoping it’s not Star Wars… i would much rather have a Harry Potter or lord of the rings themed pack. Honestly as long as it’s not Star Wars I don’t even care.

    • It’s a gamepack. Given the developers’ past work, they aren’t going to create a quality pack that has more than one world, so those items don’t represent three locations. Also I’d prefer it if they just didn’t release established IP x The Sims collaboration packs because it’s dumb and very polarizing compared to normal.

    • Ya me too the Star Wars movies are great but idk how much gameplay and build items would be impractical at least if we had lord of the rings or Harry Potter it would add on to realm of magic

      • Right? Like imagine your sim sitting in full Jedi regalia in a tatooine-style cantina, and in walks Bella Goth and Geoffrey Landgraab in normal clothes.

        I’m hoping it’s a theme park or something – not an ill-conceived crossover with the SW franchise.

    • I really really don’t want a star wars pack or any kind of future/space theme but that really looks like that’s what it’s going to be… All I want are packs that add to the daily life of my sims not all this extra stuff

  • Go through Nifty Knitting trailer and you’ll see when the little girl is playing make believe, in the right side of the screen she’s imagining a punch of different planets, a rocket ship, and a pirate ship. On the left she’s imagining a horse and carriage. In the boys room there’s mediaeval swords and shields on the right, and then a poster of a space like futuristic man with a laser gun. Perhaps a universe adventure pack?

  • This was part of the survey


    Whether you’re an aspiring Debbie or Danny Ocean, build your team to seek out and recover the stolen artifacts to return them to their rightful owners. Can you execute the perfect plan, or will your team end up in the slammer?

    Maybe the roles in the jar

    • Im going to pretend I didnt read that ”rightful owners” part. The Sims 4 takes family friendly to a whole new level.

      • Ikr, and it’s rated T for teens. The Sims (1) literally had pole dancers and The Sims 3 had strippers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be those things specifically, but add in content that will make The Sims 4 deserve the rating of T for teens. Just adding Woohoo doesn’t cut it.

    • Imagine a space pack though. You skill up on rocket science, travel to Xiraxiyocon on your space ship, build a new house there. Or trade goods with aliens, have an alien dog… And best: There’s a robber in the neighbourhood

    • I really really don’t want a star wars pack or any kind of future/space theme but that really looks like that’s what it’s going to be… All I want are packs that add to the daily life of my sims not all this extra stuff

  • I’d like to know when are we getting Werewolves?

    We have Witches, Warlocks, Vampires, ghosts etc but they can’t give us a Werewolf expansion pack?

    We could have a new suburb called Lunar Parade. New lots called Alpha Drive, Beta Court, Delta Basin, Gamma Round etc

    New characters which could include Alpha’s, Beta’s, Gamma’s, Delta’s, Omega’s.

    Troublesome teens could be asked to stick to a curfew of being home before 9pm or the moon causes an early “shift” to werewolf stage.

    Oh…I could go on forever.

    One of the teachers could be a member of the Werewolf pack and has to gently remind the pack school children that they can’t go changing into their werewolf willy nilly because they don’t want to do something expected of them at school.

    For example: A note sent home to the parents of little Alex who got in trouble for growling at a “human” student and could the parents please remind him that not all of the humans understand werewolves.

    I’ve already made this world in my drawings and writings. I’ve created storylines following these new changes that could be added to the Sims4 gameplay but I guess those of us who like Werewolves aren’t that important, are we?

  • If it is a future pack. A, it better be a large world at least brindleton bay size. B, we better see the return of Plumbots. C, The furniture and build items better be plentiful in a futuristic context Airlock doors, holograms based TVs, Floating houses(like city living penthouses but with anti gravity technology) Hover chairs, beds, Sofas, the ability to set lights settings colours and intensity in build mode, the Sims 3s into the future window walls, teleportation elevator, cybernetics Sims(haft human haft machine (cyborgs)) the floating computer laptop thing, the ability to live in spaceships that you can kind of fly(like the house boats) , smart house items, Home Elevators, Glass floors, Do I need to continue we know what we want. But if it’s a winter pick Boo more vacation garbage.

    • Me again. Btw The only pack I actually played With the Sims 3 was into the future because it was actually really well thought out and designed plus it the future with robots who can’t die and Hove board, jetpacks and hover staircases. Pretty awesome much more interesting than University IMO

      • Well the bots in university were Servos. In The Sims Universe there are three types of bots. The low quality Simbot (TS3 Ambitions), the lovable Servos (TS Livin’ Large and other games), and then the far superior Plumbots (TS3 Into the Future). I hope we get Plumbots because those were some clean robots.

  • I thought it would be like a pack like in ts3 Into the Future because the Like Church looking thing could be a tower or something. I would be happy with a Into the future pack.

  • For some reason I think it could be a band pack because look their the light blue light and the dots the rims could be a stage place for the to practice idk if this is true but that’s my thorie

  • I really hope it’s a travel pack with three destinations, one of them being a snowy place! A star wars pack would just be odd and we already have random star wars related items

  • If it’s Star Wars themed, I’m going to be EXTREMELY disappointed. Strangerville didn’t do great with the alien plant thing. Star Wars won’t do well either. I’ve been playing the Sims since Sims 1 and I can tell you that players want farming, horses, cars, and babies that can go in strollers and baby swings. Not Star Wars.

    • I too have been playing since the Original Sims 1 came out I have all sims 1-4. So whether it’s farming or space, I don’t know. But please can we have control of the pets back as my poor little guys are bored… then maybe the dogs can dog fight in space or the cats can horse around with the cattle…

  • If it’s a Star Wars pack then (once again) I’ll be disappointed for the third time in a row. I get there’s a market for Star Wars out there and glad that fans can experience some Star Wars in their games, but yet another collaboration isn’t what The Sims 4 should be focusing on right now.

  • Under the sea expansion for the mermaids? Other wise there is already the Star Wars gear and baby Yoda in the sims so could be either

  • Star wars theme could be a big maybe since EA does have the Star wars battlefront games. But after seeing that snow one, It is most likely snow. It is shown to us at the end of the Knifty Knitting trailer someone was thinking about sledding.

    • Also Sims 4 has been infamous for splitting packs up that could have all been one pack. With that thought snow pack could be more likely because it can be paired with Seasons

      • That’s a reason why I don’t really want a snow pack. If they announced it was something like that it would get a lot of hate (I mean every pack they announce gets a lot of hate lol)

  • I hope it has something to do with horses and a farm pack, now the icon I dont know but they should definitely do a ranch themed pack

  • Hear me out….space colony with future tech. They already have aliens and rocketships. Why not a planet to actually live and visit. Like Stargate SG1 meets TS3: Into The Future.

  • One of the creators is probably a Star Wars fan and he convinced the whole team to make a game pack dedicated to it for his own enjoyment

  • No interest in a Star Wars pack at all… Don’t play with the robots/super naturals as it is… I play The Sims to recreate real life and to take control of it, not fansy/Sci-Fi.

  • I really want to see Winter Vacation type pack: I think it was Sims 2 where you could own the hotel. That would be epic! And activities like skiiing and chalet holidays would be cool!

    • Let us hope that is the case. But the developers said something about it being a brand new pack, that is – never done before in the history of sims. Sims 1 vacation island had snow lots where the sims could stay and skii. I assume the completely new aspect of a winter destination pack would not be the features themselves, but that the pack is separate with the sole characteristic of winter activities. They could probably include more features in a themed game pack than they did in sims 1 when there were only one world with three different lots :)

  • Why are you all hating on a star wars game pack! yes i know it’s not practical but it would be pretty cool! like just imagine the star wars universe and having padawans and jedi and sith! Yes i do understand it’s not helpful in any way but it would be so much fun for us fans and whatever

  • I know people are hating on the idea of a star wars pack but I personally love it. If we could get force users with skills paths like vampires and lightsaber battles between factions, I would be so excited! The world could be split between empire and rebels, you could chose a side and have to use disguises on lots for the other side. I get people who aren’t big star wars fans wouldn’t want it but if this is what the pack is I can’t wait.

  • I honestly haven’t a clue but the fact that they use the word elope is confusing as that just means runaway to get married, destination wedding, how about honeymoons? Links to the Spark’d challenge.