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LIVE: Watch the reveal of The Sims 4’s Upcoming Game Pack

The Sims Team will be doing the official reveal of their 9th upcoming Game Pack for The Sims 4 TODAY (August 27th) starting at 11AM PT / 8PM CEST / 7PM BT.

The reveal will be shown during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live livestream where many other video game publishers will also reveal their upcoming games for various platforms. Since we know that the time zones can get a little bit confusing we’ve included a countdown down below to when the Opening Night Live livestream will begin. It’s not known when exactly will the Game Pack’s announcement take the virtual stage but we’ll keep you posted as soon as the announcement takes the stage!

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  • The last time they did something like this they revealed Island Living, Moschino Stuff AND Realm of Magic, right? Very inch resting that they’re using this platform just to announce a small game pack.

  • Thanks for the count down. Every one on the sims Facebook page I frequent was confused, I posted a link to this page

  • Overall just disappointed with the all around neglect to our feelings about the babies. Or the skin tone wheel .. I can’t seem to let that go .. but I’m curious to see what they thought of this time..

  • hopefully it’s something we actually want/need instead of something boring & unwanted.. because i haven’t played in like a month .

  • The new pack looks really cool! We all expected it tbh
    For those who don’t want to watch it all it’s called Journey to batuu a Star Wars pack. The sims is so confused like what did I get myself into lol

  • what a waste of a game pack……. just proves they are out of ideas and dont gaf about what the community is asking … not happy at all… why are they releasing this now they should of released this on may the 4th…..*************************

  • Seriously stars wars theme pack this is a huge disappointment i would’ve prefer a water park or amusement park theme pack or a base game fix then this not buying this pack this is a let down for me.

  • They should do polls when they want to do things that aren’t part of the sims franchise. They’re trying to appeal to Star Wars fans when they already have their own things. Really annoying. Wished it was werewolves or just about anything else than Star Wars. I would typically go “well give it a chance” but this is just such a bad move when it comes for wether I get this pack or not.

  • YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY STAR WARS SIM PACK!!! I’m excited!!! being a big star wars fan, I’M PUMPED TO BE ABLE TO VISIT THE WORLD!!!

  • This is disappointing I’ve never been a Star Wars fan. I will not be buying this and I have all the packs. This will be one pack I want have. They should’ve came out with more kitchen stuff, driving cars, multiple player, be able to carry the babies around, fix the colors for different skin tone , and fix some of the glitches. Come on sims it’s so much more y’all could’ve done. Smh

  • Is there a site where you can send ideas to the developers?
    I would like a barista pack where we can make fancy coffee drinks.
    Or a pack that put more attention on elder sims, old fashioned clothes and furniture and the like.

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