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    • That’s all the Sims community is really made of really. Hate and more hate. Here I thought the Sonic community was an insult…

  • this was the biggest let down. like the second i heard the gamescon guy be like ‘thats not the only thing coming from a galaxy far away’ i just knew it was actually happening. RIP.

  • The Sims is life simulator and should be little realistic but this isn’t realistic ! i going to install The Sims 3 again cuz its better then The Sims 4 now ! sad :'(

    • I would just like to point out that within the sims, both 3 and 4, there are aliens, vampires and werewolves. You can have a child with the grim reaper. These are all things that you cannot do within the real world. You can however, attend a day or two at the Star Wars theme park in Disney and experience the majority of what this addon gives; albeit you can’t fly space ships or electrocute people. However you can still control a droid to move around, purchase a lightsaber replica and deck out your home with all the cool things you bought. Just saying.

      • Thank you! Everyone has been saying “its supposed to be a life simulator… I am going back to the sims 3 and 2 cause sims 4 is trash” and it all has the same stuff! Like what people.

      • I completely agree! There are so many comments about it not being realistic… then I see your comment.. I agree with you 100%!

    • If your thinking of the community voted pack: that was nifty knitting. I doubt any of us expected a star wars based game.

  • I love fresh ideas. Star Wars and Sims were two of my best fav series when I was a kid. I really want to see this fusion now. And BTW. is that mean now, Bella Goth are official in Star Wars universe? :D Please, tell me, that she had been kidnap to a Batuu. And she’s there as a Jedi or something :D Please! I want to see her in a movies XD

  • Wow this is a let down. I like Star Wars but this appeals to me 0%. I want more gameplay that doesn’t have to involve a whole other franchise’s universe. I want to expand life and opportunity for The Sims not create a Star Wars roleplay game within The Sims. Couldn’t they have done their own planets and aliens not just piggyback off something that EA happens to have the rights to? :(

  • This is the absolute worst thing to come out of the sims franchise ever. Worse than Katy Perry Sweet Treats. What in the world were they thinking?? They should be ashamed, this is just a money grab. Such an absolute disappointment. This is the very first sims pack I refuse to buy.
    (This is my very first comment I have ever made in a sims forum. That is how affected I am by this tragedy.)

  • For those who say this is a “life simulator”, where was the outrage at Vampires, Spellcasters and Strangerville?

    Get off your high horses.


    • Exactly. Game Pack’s are mostly about this unexpected side of game content. Maybe with a few exceptions from the beginning, but almost each of them was about something quite unusual to see in any reality. I’m excited.

      • “Game Pack’s are mostly about this unexpected side of game content”

        you made that up. that’s never been the meaning of game packs. what’s unexpected about parenting, dining out, camping, or going to a spa? those are all “normal” life activities.

    • When was Star Wars a part of this franchise? When the team tried to venture out a little with strangerville that got some bad feedback with the lack of playability. Vampires have been part of this franchise for decades and are popular among fans. If people want to play Star Wars there are several options to choose from. I don’t see why they needed a game pack for it when we are still missing supernaturals, a baby update, cars,
      etc. This feels more like a money grab to chase after Star Wars fans instead of focusing on the core base of the sims.

  • If I wanted Star Wars I would play an ACTUAL Star Wars game. Also how will this pack include replayability and gameplay to families?

  • Prefer a water park or amusement park theme pack then star wars huge disappointment moving along to the next expansion pack im hoping that pack don’t disappoint the whole sims community like this pack is found already i can’t believe this sad day.

  • Can we boycot this please? This is nothing but franchise commercial. This hasn’t got ANYTHING to do with a LIFE SIMULATOR.

  • this will become the worst selling pack of the entire sims franchise. the community’s reception has been terrible so far.

  • If this pack about aliens (more fleshed out than GTW) and you can choose to be an astronaut or space pirate (active like in GTW with work at home CL) I personally would’ve preferred that over this because I’m not a Star Wars fan. I was okay with the free Star Wars add ons since they make interesting costumes for parties and geek con but not as a game pack. They should’ve done a poll to see how popular this is because it’s taking on two big franchises and you should know if the majority share a strong interest for both or not. It’s probably why they chose to announce it the way it was instead of a teaser tweet. Gurus clearly put in the work but it’s not for me and I’m disappointed in whoever pitched the idea. Might have been an EA higher up looking to score money but knows nothing of the communities.

  • Y-E-S! Finally something for us who likes supernatural stuff, not just stupid laundry or knitting! SO BUYING THIS PACK ON RELEASE! <3

  • Why do I feel like they’ve put more effort and quality on this pack compared to other packs? Shouldn’t all packs have the same consistent quality?

  • holy crap there is so much salt here hahahah its glorious, the sims community is so fragile its unreal. “life simulator”? are you insane its not even remotely close to real and yet your upset by something that’s optional, christ grow up you petulant children

  • I think this is amazing. All you haters need to quit hatin’. Star Wars is the best and I will definitely buy this.

  • hrmm. I wish they didnt “force” (dang the pun skillz) the Star Wars franchise onto the theme. If they kept the pack unaffiliated w it and instead focused the attention on its actual sci-fi/space/alien aspects, maybe it wouldn’t rub me the wrong way as much. If your pack IS just some marketing scheme- could ya at least be a little more discreet about it? I feel like Im being conned into paying for one big advertisement. Lil references are fun, but not everyone likes or gets them, so maybe keep the brand stuff to the free updates?
    I actually do like the space/galaxy theme, as GTW really dropped the bomb on that (imo) and i would love to have a quality full-fledged space pack. The problem is that bc the pack is marketed as STAR WARS, the appeal to create my oowwnn world in the Sims is gone bc Im now locked in this dumb little box that isnt my own gosh darn idea!
    Hopefully its just the marketing team that goofed up tho, and the pack is much more space/sci-fi in general than Starwars-y oriented bc if I want to have an epic lightsaber duel with Darth vader, Im gonna hit up an actual starwars game. But I do really want space.

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